What Dog Breeds Are Most Like Cats?

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There will always be a debate about being a “dog person” and a “cat person.” For years, human opinion has been divided between these two animals – but is it possible to love both? And we’re talking about dog breeds lovers!

Yup! Many of us enjoy the big, fluffy embraces that come with adopting a dog, but we also adore cats’ temperaments.

What if your dog shows the same characteristics as cats? This article will help you know what dog breeds are most like cats.

We will enumerate different types of dog breeds and their characteristics and train them to be one. Let’s get started!

Cat-like Behavior in Dog Breeds

Some dog breeds are more similar to cats than others. If you’re a dog owner who believes cats are just good for clawing and rejecting you, you’re missing out on some of their greatest characteristics.

Loyalty, compassion, cuddling, assertiveness, self-confidence, and intellect are the cat characteristics that make cats endearing. You may feel that your dog exhibits these characteristics as well.

However, certain dog breeds display their behavior as similar to that of a cat. If your dog acts like a cat, it might be because of feline-canine cohabitation or even friendship.

Cats and dogs, in addition to their owners, may pick up on each other’s movements. When a dog imitates the behavior of another dog, this is known as mimicry.

Humans also have this experience; you smile when someone else grins, or you laugh when someone else laughs and is in a good mood.

Even Rover.com’s article talks about what are the most cat-like dog breeds. Moreover, you can train your dog to get along with the cat.

It’s a good idea to train them together so they can learn to get along. If you’re curious about which are the most cat-like breeds, this list will help you!

Basenji Dog Breeds

The Basenjis, the barkless dog, are recognized for their calm nature and quiet demeanor. They don’t make much noise, but it sounds like a yodel rather than a bark when they do.

Basenjis like hunting in the same way as cats do. They are domesticated hunting dogs, which might account for their calm attitude.

The Basenji breed is an intelligent, curious, gentle, and friendly dog who loves to be around people. Basenjis may take some time to warm up to new people as one of the more shy breeds, but they are extremely loyal to their owners.


Vizsla is a very busy and active dog, yet he adores his human partner or loved ones. This loyal, loving, and adoring dog is similar to the feline kind due to his delicate demeanor and fixation with snuggling up with his owner.

They also love to spend so much time sleeping, just like a cat! Even if this breed is known for being active and wanting to run daily, Vizslas also spend a lot of time basking under the sun and taking a much-deserved nap.

Much like cats, Vizslas would rather sleep unless they need to move. Truly catlike behavior!

Manchester Terrier

The Manchester Terrier is a cat’s size, generally topping out at approximately 20 pounds, but the breed also shares one very traditional cat trait: they are excellent mouse hunters.

According to the AKC, Manchester Terriers are also highly elegant and athletic, which sounds quite cat-like. The Manchester Terrier is an independent and reserved breed of dog, so it’s no wonder that it’s often described as “catlike.”

With just the right amount of sensitivity, these dogs are affectionate with their owners. If your pup feels the need to explore, he will likely follow a rat or insect out of the house.


Don’t be misled by these cute little pups’ goofy grins. The Papillons are extremely clever and aggressive.

Papillons, like cats, form strong bonds with their human companions. Although they appear to be lap dogs, most papillons chase insects and small rodents around the home and yard.

Papillons, like most cats, are known to live well into their teens, making them an excellent companion for first-time pet owners. A friend for life, the papillon, is an outgoing and intelligent breed that is also assertive.

They are there to play with you, but you’ll need to teach him the rules of interaction.

Italian Greyhound

Greyhounds are most known for their high-speed racing, but according to VetStreet, these dogs like nothing more than lounging about on the sofa all day and require very little exercise, making them ideal apartment dog breeds.

They’re also very calm, kind, and friendly dogs.

Italian Greyhounds are affectionate dogs that love to be close to you. They’ll often find themselves on your chair, windowsill, or any other high spot they can reach.

Old Greyhounds are more sedate and will cuddle with you on your recliner and enjoy the day.


Whippets have thin coats, making them suitable for apartment living. They should be kept indoors whenever it is chilly enough.

Although a cat is unlikely to accept a sweater, you may surely outfit your whippet in one for winter walks.

Whippets and cats both have a high predatory drive. When it comes to hunting down smaller things, these dog breeds go wild. As a result, whippets and cats may clash in the home!

Finally, after their exercise needs are met, whippets become inactive about the house. Like cats, they like to relax in warm places.

Shiba Inu

With the advent of the popular doge meme in 2012, this Japanese breed sprang to fame.

However, did you know Shiba Inus also has a surprising amount of feline characteristics? Shiba Inus are highly self-sufficient animals.

They like skulking around the house by themselves, looking for small creatures with cat-like agility.

Because they tend to do whatever they want, Shiba Inus can be tough to train, but they can become loyal and obedient family pets with time.

They also like grooming themselves meticulously by licking their coats, which is uncommon behavior for a dog.


Perhaps the least like its feline relatives, Poodle is similar in that he loves no one more than himself. A well-mannered dog may feel he owns the house like the cats do.

However, do note that he’ll get into mischief if he’s bored since he likes a lot of action.

Another aspect of their behavior similar to cats is: Poodles are excellent friends and are highly devoted, even to the point of possessiveness. Like cats, poodles don’t simply let other animals look to their humans for affection.

In most cases, the situation would end up with your poodle ignoring you.

Japanese Chin

This clever little breed, sometimes known as the Japanese spaniel, will appeal to cat lovers everywhere. They are lively and loving, but they do not require the same activity as other dogs.

Furthermore, the Japanese chin has an interesting history as a favorite of Japanese royalty.

These dogs that are like cats show a similar dedication to their family. They also show characteristics of being naturally timid around new people and circumstances.

It’s not unusual for these dog breeds to be wary of strangers until they get to know them.

Chow Chow Dog Breeds

Although the large fluffy canine isn’t quite kitten-sized, these proud dogs do behave like kittens. According to the American Kennel Club, they can be house trained like cats, but they don’t shed like cats!

Chow Chow is fastidious and easily house-trained. They have little doggy odor if brushed often, so they are great for apartment life.

They are a sophisticated and elegant breed that might appear distant at times but are extremely devoted. Chow Chow has a proud and dignified demeanor that sets him apart from other species.

He’s not the kind to please, and he’s neither sally nor goofy.


Which of the dog breeds behave most like a cat?

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, we’ll have to give it to the Basenji. These dogs express self-assurance and alertness.

They are hyper-aware of their environment (much like cats) and will drop everything to pursue prospective prey (just like cats).

Basenjis are also well-known for their lack of barking and short, low-maintenance coats. Additionally, you will have a happy dog if you get them involved in agility or coursing activities early on.

Can some dog breeds be a part cat?

No. A hybrid is an offspring of crossbreeding. Mules, for example, are the offspring of a horse and a donkey mating. However, producing genetically quite different creatures – dogs and cats – gives birth to another species.

However, there are still some people who insist it is possible. This article from Atlas Obscura talks about how some people continue to hope that hybrids will come forth if they try to mate two genetically different animals repeatedly.

As dog breeders, we also have a deep understanding of canine genetics and heredity. It simply is impossible to create a half-dog, half-cat hybrid. It is also impossible for a dog to give birth to a cat or vice versa.

Is it normal for my dog to groom himself?

Cats are known for continually licking themselves clean, but dogs do it as well. You may not always link your dog’s licking with hygiene, and it may not always be a grooming lick.

The majority of licking that dogs conduct on themselves is a cleansing, healthful procedure.

Dogs may use their tongues to remove dirt and other pollutants from their fur. Although it may appear nasty to humans, the language is a dog’s only means of wiping after going to the toilet.

Fortunately, canine saliva includes antibacterial compounds that also work as cleaning agents, keeping your dog’s mouth clean at all times.

Can cats behave like dogs?

If you’re looking to train your cat and give him a more dog-like personality, you can use positive reinforcement. Cats, like dogs, may learn to associate certain behaviors and tricks with positive experiences, such as food or praise rewards.

Training your cat to act like a dog is easier than you think! This article from I Heart Cats advises calling him and then rewarding him with praise, attention, or food when he comes to you.

Why are dogs afraid of cats?

If your dog shows indications of anxiety in the company of cats, he is most likely scared. Your dog may have a ‘ruff’ experience when he meets a cat. Sadly, he has not forgotten the incident.

Early socialization and exposure to various environments are one of the most effective ways to ensure your dog is unafraid of the world.

The more the dog goes through during the first few months of its life, the less likely it will have anxiety throughout its life. You need to reinforce a new positive experience for them.

Cat-like Dog Breeds

You can get a dog that behaves like a cat. Dogs are smart, playful, and love to cuddle! The dog breeds listed above are ideal for cat lovers, ranging from little lap dogs to big and aloof canines.

Most cat-like breeds of dogs are easy to take care of, so you won’t have to worry much. However, we still recommend conducting your research before adopting or purchasing any breed on the list.

Even though these are dogs that are like cats, they are still different animals. They have their own unique needs that you have to know and figure out.


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