Small Dog Breed Profile Affenpinscher

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If you are on a hunt for a dog that you can be friends with, the Affenpinscher makes a great choice. Known as “ape terriers” and “monkey dogs,” this breed can be an excellent friend and companion. They may look like gentle creatures, but at times they tend to be domineering and strong-willed. Did that get you more curious about them?

As we talk about Affenpinscher, you will enjoy discovering more fun facts about it. Who knows? They might be the exact furry companion that you’ve been looking for!

Getting to Know the Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher’s physical characteristics and nature will have you wondering what it’s like to have one. They’ve been one of the most loved breeds. Let us find out the reasons why.


You may not believe it, but in the 1600s, they proved to be excellent pest control. They rid of rats and pests in staples of Germany. Hence, they served as pest killers in the morning, and furry companion owners could cuddle up with at night.

In the 1800s, a couple of clubs that showed support to the breed started emerging. In 1936, the Affenpinschers were then recognized by the American Kennel Club.


They can grow up to 9 to 12 inches or 23 to 30 centimeters.


Affenpinschers weigh around 6.5 lbs to 13.2 lbs or 2.9 kg to 6 kg.


They originated from Germany.


They’re beautiful dogs in beige, red, grey, silver, black and tan, black, or a mix of any of these colors.

Dog breed group

They belong to the toy dog breed group.


The Affenpinscher makes the best pet for a household with kids because they are loyal, affectionate, and gentle. They are protective of their owners with a tendency to be attached. Also, they are extremely friendly and social.

Their excitable nature will make you want to reserve energy to keep up. If you want them to be outgoing, well-rounded, and sociable, enrolling them in a training program is necessary. Exposing them to people, animals, and settings can also contribute to better temperament and socialization skills.

Average life span

An Affenpinscher can live up to 11 to 14 years.

Activity level

The “monkey terrier” is an active dog. They love playing games for long hours. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean having to engage in long and intense physical activities. They only require moderate activities like walking, playing, or running.

Most of the time, people find their energy needs easy to maintain. However, people with a sedentary lifestyle may still find it a bit of a challenge. They require an hour of physical activities a day.

Training ability 

Another important fact to know about the Affenpinscher is they are independent. They are trainable, but they require creativity and patience. They respond well to rewards, so prepare toys and treats to motivate them. Since “ape terriers” have a short attention span, keep the training short but full of fun.

Grooming needs

At first glance, you will notice their thick coat with a rough and wiry texture which is usually an inch long. It is shorter in the tail and rumps while longer in the head and stomach.

If you prefer dogs that shed little, the Affenpinscher is a great choice. They require grooming maintenance, though. You also need to brush your dog’s hair regularly with a slicker brush or metal greyhound comb. A detangler can help you manage tangles and simple trims.

Oral care wise, Affenpinschers is prone to developing periodontal disease. Bushing their teeth every day is essential to prevent bacteria and tartar. When it comes to nails, they need trimming at least once or twice a month to keep them comfortable.

Behavior toward children

Affenpinschers are great with kids, considering that they know the proper approach to dogs. This breed dislikes any form of aggression, such as intense cuddling, hitting, and squeezing. They tend to react roughly to these kinds of behavior. Leaving your kids alone with the Affenpinscher is not recommended.

The best thing you can do is train your dog at an early age. But, put extra caution around kids. As much as possible, don’t let kids pick them up without your supervision. Also, educate your children not to disturb the dogs while eating or sleeping.

Interaction with other pets

You can say that Affenpinschers get along well with other pets. However, this small breed may take on larger dogs and challenge them despite their size. Pay attention to prevent dangerous instances like this.

Pros and Cons of Having an Affenpinscher


They are easy to manage. Affenpinschers are ideal in a small space considering that they are small and lightweight. They are also active and playful, so they are fun to be with. Plus, their unique physical characteristics make them adorable.

Despite their cute look, they can make a good watchdog. You have a furry companion to watch your house. Not to forget that they only require moderate to little physical activities.


The first drawback that comes with owning one is, they’re suspicious of strangers and other animals the first time. Second, they can be aggressive toward larger dogs, as mentioned above. Also, they can be stubborn at times, particularly with housebreaking. And lastly, they bark a lot.

Other fun facts 

An Affenpinscher named Banana Joe entertained America by winning the Westminster Kennel Club’s Best in Show award in 2013. Desmond Morris, a writer, relayed witnessing an Affenpinscher in Alaska chased off a grizzly bear. Those are just two out of the many Affenpinscher great stories that tell you how unique and fierce this breed is!


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