Skinny Vizsla – How To Safely Put Weight on

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It’s hard enough to deal with a picky eating Vizsla. What’s more concerning is when you start noticing that its weight is beginning to decline. Vizslas are naturally lean and lightweight with well-defined muscle structures. But what do you do when your Vizsla starts becoming too skinny? This article would help you find ways to put weight on your skinny Vizsla safely.

Determine What’s Normal and What’s Not

Although it’s established that Vizslas are naturally skinny, most owners still freak out if their buddies are not gaining weight. Before you start stressing yourself out, make sure to determine if your Vizsla’s weight is normal or not.

The standard weight for male adult Vizslas would be 45-60 pounds, while females weigh 40-55 pounds. If you’re always in doubt of your Vizsla’s weight, best to visit the vet regularly for weighing.

Most dog owners also suggest that a Vizsla is considered healthier when you see a trace of its ribs. Some Vizsla owners believe that if you can’t see a trace of its ribs, there’s a chance your Vizsla is overweight. It’s good that you look after your buddy’s weight at all times, but overdoing it might cause more harm than good.

Evaluate Your Vizsla’s Body Condition

Besides checking the numbers on the weighing scale, knowing how to evaluate your Vizsla’s body condition. You can consider this three-step process in assessing your Vizsla’s body condition:

  • Check your Vizsla’s ribs by slowly running down your fingers on them. If you feel that the ribs protrude and no fats cover them, your dog might be underweight.
  • Check your Vizsla’s overall profile and make sure that their abdomen is relatively higher than the ribcage. The best way to do it is by lowering yourself down so that you’re at eye level with your Vizsla.
  • Stand up and look down at your Vizsla’s body form from the top. Your Vizsla’s waist should be tucked in, but the hip bones should not be severely protruding.

Figure the Best Feeding Technique

If you notice your Vizsla getting too skinny, it’s time to find a feeding technique to help them gain weight. There are some techniques that you can consider, such as, but not limited to:

  1. Adding another meal

If you usually feed your Vizsla twice a day, try making it three. Changing the food is not necessary for as long as it contains all the nutrients that they need. If they snob it the first time, don’t lose hope. Remember that  Vizslas are training dogs, and doing this feeding technique daily would help them get used to it.

  1. Giving frequent small meals

If your Vizsla is usually overwhelmed with large meals, you can instead try giving frequent small meals. This technique helps in building your Vizsla’s appetite, and they would end up always wanting more.

  1. Giving treats every once in a while

Using treats and other snacks can also help in adding calories to your skinny Vizsla. Giving a few slices of cottage cheese, sweet potatoes, or peanut butter throughout the day can help your Vizsla gain some weight.

Complement daily activity with extra calories.

Vizslas spend most of their time running around and playing all day. That said, their food intake must be complementary to their level of daily activity. For example, if your buddy spends more than 2-3 hours of activity, it’s best to add more calories to keep their energy throughout. If you plan to increase your food intake, make sure to do it gradually and monitor your Vizsla for at least two weeks.

Give Your Vizsla More Exercise

You may think it’s ironic to recommend more exercise if you’re trying to put more weight on your Vizsla. But remember that your goal is for them to gain weight healthily and not to make them overweight. Good exercise will help your skinny Vizsla build good muscles. An adequate amount of activity also increases your dog’s appetite and will end up eating more.


As a Vizsla owner, all you want is to ensure that your fur buddy is always in good shape. Knowing how to take care of your Vizsla in all aspects, especially its health, is essential. Don’t worry for as long as your Vizsla has good eating habits and is within the normal weight range. Most Vizslas are usually leaner than others, and that is normal.


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