Should You Get Two Vizslas (Or More)

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If you are considering getting a Vizsla, you might wonder if it is okay to get two. Or, you might already have your Vizsla but want to get another for its company. Whatever the reasons, the question remains the same. Should you get two or more Vizslas? This article will help you to decide.

What You Should Know About Vizslas

Before getting your Vizslas, it is crucial to know a lot about these lovable creatures. Here are some facts about Vizslas that you may want to consider:

  1. They are often referred to as velcro vizsla for having a special attachment and giving affection to their owner.
  2. They are quite the attention-seeker and would most likely follow you around.
  3. They are super active and athletic, making them excellent companions in outdoor activities, like hunting.
  4. They are great company for other dogs, even cats they grew up with.
  5. They are quite talkative and will whine, bark, or howl to express their reactions. If left uncontrolled, they may become recreational barkers.

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Why Should You Get Two (Or More) Vizslas

After knowing some facts about Vizslas, you can already imagine how it’ll be like to raise them. More importantly, there are ultimate advantages to choosing Vizslas as your home-buddies. Here’s why you should get two or more Vizslas.

Separation Anxiety

Despite the lack of human language, vizsla can express how they hate to be left alone. They tend to show separation anxiety when their owner isn’t around for hours. Having two Vizslas at home can help minimize their anxiety-driven behaviors if you’re not at home. Additionally, your Vizslas can entertain each other while you’re away.

Buddies for Physical and Mental Activities

Since Vizslas are energetic breeds, they need physical and mental activities more than other dog breeds. If you’re an active person yourself, this will be a great opportunity for you to engage in outdoor activities together. However, there may be times where you might not have the same energy level as your vizsla for these things.

With two or more Vizslas, they can easily tire each other out, playing around without your intervention. Tired Vizslas are satisfied dogs. As they have each other to achieve physical stimulation, it is less demanding on your time and energy.

More Love and Affection

Having two or more Vizslas can certainly match your family’s love and affection needs. Imagine your family members fighting over your Vizsla for attention. After all, who wouldn’t want to have their velcro dog to spend the day with? With two or more Vizslas, your family can have a personal connection with each dog and won’t feel left out.

Great Company for Older Children

Vizslas are excellent dogs for growing families. Despite their size, they can be affectionate and gentle to young children. As your children grow older and start exploring the great outdoors, Vizslas can make a reliable company. They have impeccable instincts and nearly endless energy levels.

Having Vizslas also offers your children valuable learning opportunities about being a responsible dog owner. Though they are incredibly easy to groom and have little potential to gain weight, they have high exercise needs. They also respond well to training.

Training the Second or Third Vizsla

You might still hesitate to get another vizsla after recalling how much patience your first vizsla required during training. Don’t worry. If you have successfully trained your first vizsla, you will most likely succeed in training the second one. It is because the second or third can copy desired behaviors on your first Vizslas.

Possible Challenges

With two or more Vizslas in your household, knowing the possible challenges you might encounter is crucial. One of those challenges is that two or more energetic and restless creatures can mean more trouble. Without the proper outlet to express their active sides, Vizslas can be quite rowdy and naughty.

Make sure that your first vizsla is fully trained before getting your next one. If you are raising two vizsla pups, make sure to train both of them.

Other challenges you might encounter may be related to economics and logistics. Food and grooming supplies may be more costly. And, if you need to travel with your canines, you might need a more spacious vehicle.


Considering how the advantages outweigh the challenges, two or more Vizslas can certainly light up your family home. They can fill your household with playful affection through fun-filled days.


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