Reasons Why Your Vizsla Is Whining (and What to Do About It)

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Dogs, in general, can sometimes be agitating because of their whining problems that cause us, humans and dog owners, a hard time doing other things in the house like chores every single day. More specifically, Vizslas are one of the whiniest dog breeds out there because of their Velcro nature and some other reasons that are either physically, emotionally, or mentally related, so you must be very observant when it comes to this thing.

(5) Reasons Why Your Vizsla Is Whining

In this article, I will share the five (5) reasons why your vizsla is whining and what you can do about it.

It Needs Your Whole Attention

Just like what I have said above, Vizslas are the perfect representation of a Velcro or, in layman’s terms, a dog that is so affectionate and clingy that they are either adorable or annoying at times. Unlike any other dog breed, Vizslas have this connection and attachment to their owners that you cannot compare to any other dog. And because of this, a lot of families are getting or adopting one because it can be a great family dog when trained very well.

It Wants to Communicate With You

Vizslas, in all obviousness, cannot speak our language, so they either talk through their actions and sometimes through whining loud and continuous. You will notice this when you are doing some work or household chores, then suddenly, your Vizsla will whine nonstop, trying to send a message or tell you something that they want to do or for you to look at. This can also be partnered with a jump on your lap or rubbing their heads in your feet or legs for you to talk to them because they love doing it with you.

It Is Caused by Separation Anxiety

Not just Vizslas but other dog breeds as well whine because of separation Anxiety. But Vizslas, in specific, are really that dog that always exaggerates things, especially when they miss your presence. They whine, whine, and whine just to let everybody in the whole neighborhood knows that they miss you and want to be with you. Even when you are just going to work, when unattended by a family member or a dogsitter, they will do this until they are tired, but once you enter the house again, they will be very much alive to welcome you.

It Lacks Exercise and Physical Activities

Another reason why Vizslas are big whiners is that they lack exercise and physical activities. You must always remember that Vizslas are hyper and very physically active dogs, so going for a run, walk, or sports training in the park is a must for them not just to be mentally stable but also physically. So the next time that your Vizsla whines, recall when’s the last time that you guys went outside to play frisbee or catch or jog around the neighborhood for some exercise, and if it is still early in the day, go outside right away.

It Is Because of a Health Problem and/or Pain

This was the worst-case scenario when you observed that your dog was whining nonstop even if you had already cuddled with it or fed it. In this case, you must bring your Vizsla to a local veterinarian right away for a check-up and know whether it has a health problem or not.

What to Do About Your Vizsla Whining

  • Proper Exercise. First thing first, like what I have mentioned in one of the reasons, you must do some proper exercise with your dog. It is unnecessary to run every day or go to the park because you can be physically active with your by just playing some flirt pole and some play of tag or even hide and seek when you have a large house or a backyard.
  • Mental Stimulation. It would be best to focus on your dog’s mental health by doing some mentally improving activities like puzzles and such.
  • Obedience Training. By doing this training, you will be able to teach your Vizsla how to communicate with you without bombarding you with different noises, specifically whining.

This type of dog breed has reasons why they do such things, and what you can do as an owner is to be observant and very patient with your Vizsla.


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