Possible Reasons Your Vizsla is Not Eating

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Vizsla naturally has a healthy appetite. They are known to be energetic and always excited about everything. When this dog breed suddenly has no appetite, it will make you scratch your head literally. It might make you wonder what could be the cause of your pet’s change in mood when eating.

But what is the possible reason for an anorexic Vizsla? It might be due to circumstances and conditions that the dog is facing right now. Although, it might also be due to their boring diet.

Here are the reasons why your Vizsla stopped eating.

Food Preference

Just like many people, dogs also have a preference for their food. Some dog food isn’t appetizing to some dog breeds, causing them to lose their appetite. Or maybe some dog food has a chemical or ingredients that make them turn their nose up.

You can know what your dog prefers by observing them if your Vizsla is not eating their normal diet but is interested in eating their treats and other foods such as human foods. This idea will get you to the conclusion that they might be not liking their standard diet.

If the reason is not liking their standard diet, you can change it weekly. Observe if there might be changes in their attitude. If your Vizsla continues to avoid eating for days, consult your local veterinarian.


Dogs are naturally playful and energetic. But if it affects your pup’s eating time, it’s an issue. If your vizsla struggles with focusing on eating their food, try to limit their activities during their eating time. Move them to a quieter place, ensuring that there will be no distraction when they are eating.

Inconsistent Meal Schedules

Did you wake up late and eat your lunch late? Then, you have no interest in eating your dinner after? The same thing with our dogs, having an inconsistent meal schedule can also affect their appetite.

If this is the reason for your furry friends’ loss of appetite, try to set their eating time daily. It will also help them to have a regular potty schedule.

Psychological Struggles

Animals might get mental health problems too. Some dogs might have different stress triggers and endure them, but the most common symptom they show is avoiding their meals.

A Vizsla with psychological struggles begins to shy away from their meals. These behavioral conditions can result from a sudden change of their daily routines, having a new pet at home, or losing someone they love. It might be overwhelming for a dog, causing their sudden behavioral change.

Try to assess their environment if this is what you think is the reason. Or, if you cannot find any, you can seek advice from your veterinarian.

Underlying Health Conditions

If you cannot conclude what might be the reason for your Vizsla’s sudden loss of appetite, they may be struggling with underlying illness. Anorexia is one of the signs of multiple health conditions your pet might be struggling with.

The sudden change of their appetite might be their way of telling you that they are not feeling well. It is time that you’re obliged to reach out to your local veterinarian for advice. It is also suggested to look for the signs like vomiting, lethargy, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and other symptoms.

Loss of Appetite: What to Do?

As anorexia is also a serious thing in animals, you should take it seriously too. It is not common for them to refuse their food. It could also be dangerous to them without food inside their system. If they continue refusing to eat, it might lead to hypoglycemia or a sudden drop in blood sugar.

If your puppy has a sudden change of appetite, you should focus your full immediate attention. Try to observe the environment your Vizslas are living in. If this continues for days, you should immediately contact the veterinarian.


As many factors explain the sudden loss of appetite, they should get immediate attention. It is not a good thing for them to skip their meal. They should get their exact nutrients every day.

As much as possible, you should give them a daily schedule. It should also improve your Vizslas’ potty and activity schedule. Visit your local veterinarian at least once a month. Get the recommended shot for your Vizsla to avoid them getting diseases.

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