Places Where You Can find a Vizsla Puppy to Adopt (USA)

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In today’s trying time, more people, especially dog owners, are experiencing difficulties in life, more specifically in the financial aspect. Many pet wonders are bringing their pets to rescue centers and shelters because they can’t do so anymore.

Their owners often abuse other Vizslas, and they run away from home and end up being stray dogs on the verge f death because of hunger and sleepless nights without a shelter.

Luckily, aspiring dog owners, especially people who want to give a dog its home, are actively looking. In this article, I will be listing ten (10) Vizsla Rescue websites and organizations that you can contact to adopt a Vizsla puppy.


This website is not just for Vizslas in specific ut for any other types of dog breeds and pets. It works like an online shop because aside from adopting a Vizsla puppy or an adult Vizsla from the website, you can also buy toys and dog necessities.


Petfinder’s mission is to match loving and caring aspiring pet owners with their adoptable pets in their shelters. You can find a Vizsla on this website as well that will fit in on your family tree. If you cannot find a Vizsla today, you can reload the website in 24 hours because they update their pets daily for adoption.

The Vizsla Club of America

Most of the time, rescue Vizslasare not trained and can be aggressive or too timid. Fortunately, The Vizsla Club America is an institution that rescues adults Vizslas and puppies to feed, shelter, love, and train to be adoption-ready. Expect your Vizslas to be groomed nicely as well.

Midwest Vizsla Rescue

The founder of Midwest Vizsla Rescue has been breeding Vizslas for over 60 years and rescuing Vizslas for 30 years. Interestingly, the rescue dogs live with them while being evaluated in their home, so when they are ready for adoption, Vizslas will not have a hard time adjusting.

New Hope Vizsla Rescue

This Vizsla rescue and adoption center is located in Pennsylvania, where they house their rescues and take care of them properly. They don’t have that much-posted rescue Vizslas on their website, but you can message or email them directly to inquire or give a heads p about your interest in adopting one.

Vizsla Rescue Southern California

If you want to adopt a Vizsla dog from Vizsla Rescue Southern California, all you need to do is message them via their Social Media Accounts or email. Their rescuers and staff are spread out across the country, so you can conveniently adopt a Vizsla.

Colorado Wyoming Rescue Group

They are rescuing Vizslas to take care of and list for adopting capable and aspiring dog owners or parents. They also support other small-scale rescue groups or teams in Wyoming and Colorado, Western Kansan, Western Nebraska, and New Mexico.

Tips in Adopting Vizslas from Websites

  • Ensure that the website has an About Page that shows the rescue center and adoption, center owners.
  • The shelter must have a physical place where they house their Vizslas. You can check this via their social media platforms if they actively post the current state of their Vizslas ready for adoption.
  • Ask people in their common section and review pages personally via email or Instagram to assure that the Vizsla puppies are purebred and do not have any medical conditions.

Other Places to Adopt Vizslas

  • Local Rescue Shelters. It may not seem like it, but many local rescue shelters have Vizslas available for adoption. You need to drive around the neighborhood or your city to check adoption centers.
  • Word of Mouth/Personal Recommendations. The most secure way to adopt a Vizsla is through the personal recommendations of friends and family.

Whether you are looking to get your own Vizsla through adoption online or from a physical shelter or adoption center, you need to make sure that the website or place so sketchy but is credible.


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