Overweight Vizsla How To Help Them Lost Weight

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Vizslas were bred to be hunting dogs. Nowadays, many people are having their Vizsla as a jogging buddy. They need physical and mental activities, with a minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise. Most Vizslas love to eat. If their diet and exercise are neglected, they can be overweight. Here are essential tips and facts to know if your Vizsla is overweight and help them lose weight.

Cause of Overweight in Vizsla

More often than not, the cause of Vizsla’s overweight is due to the owner’s lack of care and monitoring. This negligence can be brought about by the owner’s reluctance to train and exercise their Vizsla. Either the owner has no time to do this or is just unwilling to do so. This leads to the Vizsla not having the exercise needs they must have, leading to health problems.

Another cause is poor diet. A Vizsla must maintain a balanced diet with enough nutrients, vitamins, and protein, so they have strength for their exercise. If you feed your Vizsla unhealthy food based on fat and carbohydrates, they will gain weight.

How to Know if Your Vizsla is Overweight

Pet owners should be responsible for keeping their Vizsla healthy and in good shape. There are several ways to know if your Vizsla is overweight.

  1. Examine Your Vizsla’s Physical Appearance – If your Vizsla has a round or oval shape, it’s a sign they can be overweight. You can also look for other indications, like if their stomach is swinging already.
  2. Observe the Breathing – Vizslas do not tire easily since their breed is known to be physically active. If they experience rapid or difficulty breathing, it’s an indication of being overweight.
  3. Check the Base of Their Tail – You should normally feel the bones in the base of your Vizsla’s tail. Otherwise, it’s a sign your pet has gained weight.
  4. Monitor Their Behavior – Vizslas are known to be hyper, playful, and energetic. If your Vizsla has little energy, it can be attributed to them gaining weight.

Helping Vizsla Lose Weight

The first tip to help your Vizsla lose weight is by giving them a balanced diet. Make good changes in their eating habits based on balanced vitamins and nutrients to cope with their physical activities. Lessen their calories and replace them with protein and few carbohydrates. You can give your Vizsla healthy and natural food.

The recommended food for a Vizsla is meat, eggs, vegetables, and fruits. You can serve your Vizsla at least two meals per day, both with portions of 2% to 4% of your Vizsla’s weight. Be cautious of the food they cannot eat, such as chocolates, garlic, and avocado.

The second is to help them achieve their exercise needs. Vizslas were bred to assist people in hunting and retrieving, which makes them active and energetic. Because of that, exercise is essential for them.

You can help your Vizsla lose weight by having them take long walks, physical training, and mental stimulation. A daily walk is crucial for your Vizsla to release energy, stimulate their mind with sights and smells they encounter as they walk. The recommended walk should be 30 to 45 minutes once or twice per day.

Engage your Vizsla with exercise and activities to lose weight. You can do Frisbee toss, swim, run, or have them play with other dogs. You can play games such as fetch, scent games, herding balls, and tug of war.

Vizslas also need mental stimulation. If you don’t give them ways to challenge their minds, they will likely develop this, leading to negative behavior such as digging and excessive barking. There are simple ways to stimulate your Vizsla mentally.

Nose games can provide mental stimulation to your Vizsla because it induces their instincts. You can also have them play with puzzle toys and chew toys. Lastly, you can stimulate their mind by teaching them tricks and commands.


It’s important to practice a balanced diet for your Vizsla. Ensure to feed your Vizsla healthy food and give them their daily exercise needs to improve their quality of life. No pet owner wants their pet to suffer from being overweight.


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