Most Loyal Small Dog Breeds

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Loyalty is what we look for in everyone we encounter, and a dog is one of the most loyal companions a human can have. They are faithful and absolutely devoted to their human counterpart.  While they love to please, they are also very friendly and obsessed with pleasing their owners.

Top Loyal Small Dog Breeds with the Most Loyalty in their Body

If you are looking for a dog to dwell with, and you live in an apartment or just do not have the space for large pets, then our small dog list may be perfect for you. We summed up some of the friendliest and known most loyal pup-sized breeds out there.

Rat Terrier

A dog breed that originated in America and was known as a great farm dog and hunting companion. They have a very long life expectancy of 15-18 years and are considered one of the rare breeds. Rat Terriers are known to be very loyal, loving, and very energetic.  They make a great pet for children when you raise it with them at a young age. But take note, they may be very protective of their owners and family members that they tend to be indifferent to unidentified personalities.


This classed small dog breed which came from its bigger brother, the Spitz. These small fur balls weigh around 7-10 lbs and have a lifespan of 12 to 16 years. They are one of the more active breeds out there, so plenty of exercise and playtime is needed to keep that Pomeranian on top of their mental and physical condition. Pomeranians are admittedly part of the breeds with the utmost loyalty to their owners and family. They are very warm and protective of their owners and would just die to be around them. They can be easily trained and friendly, making them such excellent pets, especially when there are children around the house.

Japanese Chin

The dog that is known for the aristocracy in the eastern hemisphere, The Japanese Chin’s weight usually varies from as low as 3 lbs to as much as 15 lbs. This majestic breed has very beautiful fluffy hair making it irresistible to cuddle. They are known to be moderate shedders but only need a few minutes a day of brushing to keep that look tiptop. The Chins do not have any problems with getting along with other pets since they are amiable. They are also highly intelligent, making them easy to train. They are also known to be very loyal to their family but cannot be considered a watchdog since they tend to be very friendly.


One of the cutest small dog breed on the list, the Pumi. They were bred in Hungary to assist in herding sheep.  They weigh around 18-30 lbs and have a normal lifespan of 13-15 years.  Pumis have very adorable curly and wavy hair that is very easy to groom. This Hungarian native is very energetic and intelligent, making hours of fun activities enjoyable for them, and they are very easy to train.  They are also very affectionate that they tend to be attached to their family and owners easily.

Yorkshire Terrier

The smallest dog breeds under the Terrier class, the Yorkshire Terrier. It weighs as little as 4 lbs as a full-grown adult and maxed at 7 lbs. They are well known for their smooth and silky coat, which is floor-length to their small bodies. Having a Yorkshire Terrier is like having a small safety alarm. They are known to be notoriously loyal to their owners and a very protective companion probably because they are part of the terrier ancestry. If they were only a larger breed, they would greatly fit the role of a guard dog.


A breed that was discovered in the Congo region of West Africa way back in the 19th century, they are small and versatile hunting dogs. They have keen eyesight and an impeccable sense of smell. These dogs are very active and can easily keep up with athletic owners. They are short-haired and do not shed. And they are also very hygienic since they clean themselves when they feel that they have an odor. The Basenji is also known as the dog who rarely barks, so you would not need to worry about neighbors complaining about them. They are very loyal and calm, as long as their urge for physical activities has been met.

Standard Dachshund

They are known for their hotdog-like shaped body and their cuteness. The Dachshunds are hound dogs bred to hunt tunneling animals like rabbits, badgers, etc. These dogs are known to be fearless and were also used in packs to hunt wild boars. They are known to be a very loyal breed and are usually attached to people who feed them. They tend to be a bit clingy since they tend to follow you around wherever you go, as much as they can. It is very important not to overindulge them as this may cause them anxiety once their owner is out of their sight.

French Bulldog

This French Bulldog is the breed that was bred to be a companion dog.  They have a medium coat that sheds on an average amount. They have a usual lifespan of 11 to 14 years and weigh around 16-28 lbs. The Frenchies are known for their smile and a personality that is a bit spunky. They are fun-loving, easygoing, and are always a great addition as a family member. But, these dogs have been known to be prone to separation anxiety since they are a breed that is made to depend on their owners.

Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is a chill and laid-back breed from Tibet. For centuries, they have been developed exclusively for the nobility and the monks to alert everyone about anyone who enters the monasteries.  It has a very long and thick coat that anyone would like to cuddle. They may seem friendly to everyone, but they are only very loyal and affectionate to their family. They love making their owners smile, sit on their owners’ lap, or keep warm by their feet.


A Pug can easily be identified with its distinctive short nose and wrinkly face. They have a short glossy coat that only requires minimal maintenance. Pugs have a squared body with muscles that are compact and usually weigh between 14-18 lbs. This breed is absolutely affectionate and playful towards everyone. They are also smart and very trainable as house pets.


This is our list of the most loyal small breeds available out there. Everybody wants to have a companion that they can have around, more so if they were very loyal. Making a choice on which breed to get will always be a tough choice, but knowing more about each type will help you come up with a decision. If you are searching for a new housemate that would suit your needs, hopefully, our list was able to help.


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