How To Tire Out A Vizsla

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Restlessness in Vizsla is common, especially if you’re still looking for activities that work for your dog. Most of the time, you want your Vizslas to enjoy their active daily lives. However, some active dogs can’t get tired. So what should you do to get downtime at the end of the day when living with a Vizsla? Below are some of the tips to burn off the excess energy of your Vizslas.

Different Ways To Tire Out A Vizsla

Every dog is different, but these activities will provide dogs with a lot of physical exercise. It will tire them out at the end of the day and keep the dog’s energy level manageable.

  1. Take The Vizsla For Long Walks Or A Run

Typically, a walk won’t cut it for a Vizsla. It needs stimulation, and you can get it by bringing them to the dog park every day. Let them run off-leash so they can get to play with their friends and sniff around. Taking them to the dog park also helps in keeping your Vizsla socialized with other dogs.

Having a regular walking or running schedule with your dog helps too. This routine will give the dogged consistency and help in decreasing its energy level.

  1. Play Games Like Fetching 

Playing fetch as you go with your Vizsla is an excellent way to exercise them. It helps in improving its basic breed instinct, and it also gets to run more miles. Bring a tennis ball and throw it every few yards. It will get more exercise, and the best part is it will feel more inclined and stay close to you while waiting for the next ball.

  1. Take it For A Swim

Swimming is a great exercise and provides stimulation for Vizslas. It provides an excellent cardiovascular workout for your dog and will not only tire them out but also helps in making them healthy. Taking them for a swim helps in their behavioral problems that result from their excess energy. Plus, it gives them the freedom to unleash all their energy without feeling restrained.

  1. Try Agility Exercises

High-energy dogs like Vizslas require intense exercise to burn excess energy. Running through an agility obstacle is a great way to do that. Agility exercises not only help in burning energy but can also keep your Vizsla fit. It will also prevent your dog from being obese and improve your mind by learning and solving problems.

  1. Hunting Party

Try to hone the hunting instincts of your Vizsla by hiding their treats instead of just feeding them directly out of a bowl. You can hide them in certain areas of your home, or you can use toys and puzzle feeders. Hunting for food will be an excellent exercise for them and will provide them mental stimulation.

  1. Teach New Tricks

Vizslas enjoy learning new things. Teaching them new tricks keeps their minds active, and it is a great way to focus their enthusiasm. This focus will tire them out because they need to focus on a big chunk of time. Also, daily training helps improve good manners and will teach your Vizslas how to retain their focus.

  1. Play With The Hose or Sprinklers 

If your Vizslas like water and you don’t have a pool, using the hose or sprinklers is an excellent way to tire them out. Instead of standing still while taking them for a bath, let it chase the stream of water in the hose. It would run back and forth and can be a great way to exercise.

  1. Use A Flirt Pole 

Flirt poles are a great exercise as well as mental stimulation for dogs. It harnesses the dog’s instinct to chase gently. Plus, it is an ideal activity because the dog does all the work. While you stand them watching them, your dog will be running around while playing with the flirt pole all by themselves.

  1. Set Dog Play Dates 

Set a dog play date for your Vizsla. There is a high chance that inviting over a dog will tire your Vizsla out. Please ask them for a walk and ensure that they don’t get overtired because most dogs don’t know when to stop playing. This tire will not only tire him out, but it will also help improve your dog’s social skills.


High-energy dogs like Vizslas are great companions. However, it is still essential to know their breed and temperament compatible with your energy and lifestyle. Make sure not to get them overtired and always give them the rest they deserve.


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