How to Stop Your Vizsla Dog Eating Poop

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The voluntary act of ingesting feces is known as Coprophagia. While this may seem to be an odd habit, many dogs do consume feces for various reasons. It is crucial to keep your Vizsla dog from eating poop since it is both unhealthy and troublesome.

Reasons Why Vizsla Dogs Eat Feces and How to Stop It

Here are the most common reasons why your Vizsla eat their poop:

Keeping Territory Clean

Dogs have an innate desire to keep their domain clean, particularly if they have been scolded for creating a mess. The Vizsla mother consumes the feces of its cubs. It does this to keep the area in which its puppies are kept safe.

Nutrient Deficiency and Feeding

The average weight of Vizsla’s ranges from 45 to 65 pounds, with females being slightly smaller. Most digestive problems happen because of poor diet, parasites, digestive or liver diseases.

Intestinal parasites, which consume all of the nutrients from the food your Vizsla eats, are yet another common source. To compensate for the nutrients lost, our dog will have to eat feces. In certain instances, this problem requires the use of antibiotics.

As stated, diseases can cause a lack of nutrients, so it’s critical to detect them early and treat our Vizsla accordingly. Consider taking your Vizsla to the veterinarian to be checked, and the problem is determined.

Instead of putting food out all time, weigh his food and feed him twice a day to keep your Vizsla in good shape. The daily protein should be 3 to 4 cups of high-quality dog food split into two meals per day.

You can feed your Vizsla some foods to make its feces smell and taste more disgusting. This is one way to keep your Vizsla from eating its poop. One choice is to add pineapple chunks to our dog’s food for a few days. This approach will prevent your Vizsla from swallowing its feces.

Vizsla’s Emotional State Affecting Their Eating Habits

Vizslas are characterized as vibrant, friendly, and cuddly dogs and have a deep desire to be with people. Although he is trainable, some Vizslas can be impatient, hyperactive, but rather shy.

Whenever you leave your dog alone for an extended period, they become sad and nervous. This will be one of the reasons which affect their health and psychological well-being. This is a natural occurrence in most dogs and is also why they choose to eat their waste.

Vizsla dogs are emotional and responsive creatures.

Here’s what can trigger your dog to eat their poop:

  • Sadness
  • Depression
  • Fear
  • Phobias

Don’t ever punish your dog for eating poop since even negative attention can be interpreted as a compliment. If your dog’s new behavior is triggered by anxiety, reducing the stress should eliminate the habit.

Sanitary Practices

Some Vizslas dogs enjoy having a tidy rest area. Usually, dogs like Vizslas don’t urinate or poop around where they rest. On rare times, though, you can be forced to leave your Vizsla at home when you go to work. In some cases, they couldn’t go outside to relieve themselves because they could not leave the house.

The far more common situation is that dogs eat their poop to keep their environment safe and clean. It’s best to plan routines of activities outside of the house or park so that your Vizsla learns to relieve itself. With this, you can also prevent it from defecating or urinating near where it sleeps.

Pick up after your dog at all times! It’s tempting to leave poop in the yard (particularly on snowy nights when the last thing you want to do is go out and clean it up), but this allows your dog to eat his waste. When your dog eats poop, make sure you go outside with them so you can quickly distract them and clean up if they start to eat feces.


This will require a certain time and regular training. For sure, you’ll be able to get your dog to quit consuming poop. Help ensure your dog’s food is a good place to start with a full and healthy blend of food tailored to their dietary needs and preferences.


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