How to Keep a Vizsla Smelling Good A Complete Guide

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Let’s say you have your Vizs now for about a month, and you’re noticing that it’s starting to smell stinky. Your next question would be how to keep your Vizsla smelling good all the time? The answer is somewhat simple, and it applies to all dog breed but with some special tips for Vizslas because they are one of a kind, so they need special attention when it comes to keeping them clean. There will be struggles at first, but I know that you will be able to make your Vizsla clean, happy, and smelling good through practice and repetitions.

How Often Should You Wash Vizslas?

In general, you should only wash or bathe your Vizslas once every three months because they are included in the smooth-coated type of dog breed, so you should do it more than recommended. But of course, it will depend daily, especially when you bring your Vizslas to go on a hike or run across the block. Then suddenly, they decided to play in the mud. In this case, you must clean them with water right away, and if they are not too smelly, water is enough not to damage their fur and coating.

Where Should You Wash Vizslas?

There are a lot of places to wash Vizslas when you have a house that has a backyard or a front lawn. You can tie them for a while in a tree or on the railings of your terrace so they cannot escape and can be properly cleaned. If you live in an apartment, there’s no other choice but to clean them in the bathtub.

  • Make Use of a Special Lease Strap. So when washing your dogs, use a special lease strap that will put your Vizslas stay in place so you can rinse them, wash them, and pat dry them easily.
  • Utilize Non-Slip Bathroom Carpet. Together with the lease strap is a non-slip bathroom carpet for you and the dog. This will prevent both of you from slipping and harming yourselves.

Gentle Steps in Washing Vizslas Properly

  • First and foremost, you should cuddle with your Vizslas and reassure them that you are just going to clean them and make them smell good.
  • Using the showerhead, start by running the water in their head but avoid the eyes and nose because it can irritate them.
  • With a tad bit of shampoo, start washing their neck down to their body carefully but swiftly.
  • After applying the products, rinse them properly.
  • And after all these steps, pat dry them with a large and dry towel to keep them warm.

How to Keep Vizsla Smelling Good Without Getting It Wet?

If it is the winter season and you know that Vizslas cannot handle the cold water that will eventually make them go wild, you can use a dry shampoo for dogs to lessen their stinky smell and clean them well. You need to put shampoo on your hands or spritz them, then lather to their bodies carefully. After this, dry them with a soft and large towel to keep them from freezing.

Tips in Cleaning Parts of the Body

  • Eyes. You can use an eyewash while bathing your Vizslas to remove the dirt stuck in their eyes and eyelids. Because sometimes, eye mucous can make them annoyed and irritated.
  • Ears. It is advisable to clean Vizslas’ ears once a month through a professional groomer or a veterinarian to ensure that you don’t hurt them by poking them with a Q-tip.
  • Paws. It would be best if you also used balms for their paws to keep them moisturized and clean. This will also prevent their nails from cracking.
  • Coat Care. Use allergen-free shampoo and conditioners to Vizslas because their coat and fur are kind of sensitive, so you need to make sure of that. It would be best if you also used some sprays to make their copper-brown coating glisten.

Whether a Vizsla is your very first dog or not, you should abide by the above-enumerated guide to make sure that they smell good and clean all the time. You need to love your dogs, and one of the steps in showing this to them is taking care of them.


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