How to Entertain Your Vizsla When There’s Bad Weather

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Vizsla (or Vizsla’s Law) is a law that states that in adverse weather conditions, the best thing you can do is to keep your dog indoors and keep him happy. Bad weather can happen every year, and there are many reasons why lousy weather makes Vizsla miserable and not so good with people and other dogs.

Here are some ways to enjoy your Vizsla when there’s low visibility or bad weather.

Activities to Keep Your Vizsla Entertained

Vizsla is the type of breed that likes to have physical activity outdoors. Whether it is out for a walk, run, jump, play at the beach, or a picnic in the park, they love it. However, it is not good weather every day. Sometimes, we need to stay at our house during rainy and cloudy days. These scenarios can stress your Vizsla.

But there are ways to entertain your Vizsla during lousy weather. Here is the list of various activities and games to play with your pet.

Tug of War

Tug-of-war is one of the most popular and favorite games for dogs. It is an excellent way to play with our Vizsla dog while you’re inside your home. This game-slash-activity will work their mental and physical health, so this activity can also train your dog.

You can use an old towel to serve as the tug toy. You only need a small space in your home to play with them. In fact, tug-of-war is the best activity to teach your Vizsla dog manners not to bite anyone.

Search and Sniff Game

Search and sniff game is an activity consisting of hiding some treats around the house for your dog to find. Vizsla has a good sense of smell as they age and develop it. It is perfect for hunting activities and games. By this activity, it can train your dog to use their nose much more.

Afterward, you can decide the difficulty of the game by putting treats in different places in your house. Try to hide it in the areas unfamiliar or not near with any valuable object that your pet can break. Use delicious treats that your dog loves and prefers to make them feel motivated and interested during the game.

As they find every treat that you hid with ease, try to increase the difficulty of it. It will entertain and have fun for your Vizsla.

Kong Stuffing

Use this type of toy to be able to hide treats in it. This activity is an effective way to keep our Vizsla entertained for a while. You can store healthy food inside it for them to chew. Your Vizsla dog will not drop or get unmotivated with this toy because it has a smell of food inside it. It will keep your pet entertained for approximately 30 minutes to an hour.

In addition, Make sure that there is a small opening enough to challenge your canine pet. However, this opening should be large enough for a treat to drop. If nothing drops from it, your Vizsla dog will begin to get anxious and frustrated. The idea of Kong stuffing was to entertain your Vizsla dog, not stress them.

Dog Tricks

Dog tricks are the most popular activities to get your dog entertained during lousy weather. It is an excellent option to train your dog and train them to be more obedient.

Here’s a list of dog tricks that you can teach your Vizsla dog.

  • Shaking hands
  • Fetch
  • Sit
  • Sit pretty
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Stand on hind legs
  • Spin
  • Rollover
  • Play dead
  • Bark on command
  • Come

You can take advantage of the lousy weather to teach your pet a new trick. Moreover, it will also practice your Vizsla dogs to practice the tricks they already know.

Agility Training

Agility training is an excellent activity for your dog. These indoor activities/games develop their skills as well to keep them entertained. Place obstacles inside your house to train with it by jumping over them, avoiding them, and many more.

There is no need for special equipment for this activity; you can use the objects you can find inside your house. Some of these things are boxes, brooms, towels, chairs, tables, etc. Next, position the following objects around the house that present a fun challenge for your Vizsla. If you teach them the different dog tricks mentioned above, it will be easy to overcome each obstacle quickly.

Before You Play With Your Dog

Overall, there are many other ways, activities, and games to play with your Vizsla dog indoors and when the weather is terrible. Use your imagination and consider their personality to choose the best training for them.

In this way, you can still keep your Vizsla pet entertained indoors and strengthen your bond with them.


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