How to Crate Train Your New Vizsla

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.Vizslas are known for their hyperactive personality that is fun at first until they destroy everything inside your house on a whim. This can totally happen if you don’t train them in their crate or what professional trainers call “Crate Training.” This type of dog breed is not that aggressive because they are literally the epitome of Velcro, but sometimes, they have a habit of being over the top, which can be regulated by proper training.

Why Do You Need to Use a Crate for Vizslas?

Crates are the best thing ever created for all dog breed owners but most especially for Vizsla owners. This can help you calm your dogs and discipline them whenever they have done something wrong. This can also be their own place, making them feel that their owners truly love them. Also, if you have successfully crate train your Vizsla, you will be able to bring it to your friend’s house without any problem because it can behave well after your training.

What Is the Perfect Crate Size for Your Vizsla?

Many new Vizsla owners are often shocked by this advice from professional Vizsla breeders and pet shop owners. They could have thought that Vizslas are like other small to medium-sized dogs that are so behaved and calm all the time.

So for the size, if your Vizsla’s crate ranges from 36 inches to 42 inches depending on the size of their legs and tail, most of the time, the mentioned sizes are the usual ones. You should make sure that it’s just the right size because you don’t want your Vizsla to suffer from tightness if you get small.

Where Should You Place Your Vizsla Crate?

So one of the most frequently asked questions is where to place the crate for your newly-bought or adopted Vizsla. The answer, according to experts, is in your living room or near the kitchen as long as there are a lot of people staying there or passing by. You don’t want to leave your Vizsla in a secluded area like a storage room or guest room because they want to socialize with you. Placing them where the people in your house usually hang out is the perfect place for the crate to make sure that your Vizsla will not feel alone and sad.

How to Crate Train Your New Vizsla?

Put Comfy Sheets and Blankets Inside the Crate

First thing first, you need to make the crate looks like your Vizsla’s home. In this way, your Vizsla will learn that the crate is a safe space. You can also put chewing toys. When it is outside of its crate, your dog will not have the energy to chew or bite furniture and socks in your house.

Consistently Guide Your Vizsla When Going In and Out of the Crate

To crate train your Vizsla properly, you must be consistent in guiding it out of its crate whenever it is time to pee or poop outside. They tend to follow patterns and routines, so you should take advantage of that. This helps your Vizsla learn better and behave better in the future.

It would be best if you did this until your Vizsla can do things on its own. This would be from few weeks to several months, depending on your dog’s retaining ability.

Don’t Cage Your Vizsla the Whole Day.

Another important part of your crate training is not putting your dog in its crate the whole day. This can cause them anxiety and may make them aggressive once they get out of the crate.

Train With Positive Reinforcements

You should always remember that only positive reinforcements and not violent punishments work well on Vizslas. Make sure to talk to them like your babying them. Be proud whenever they have achieved even a small thing.

Generally, Training Vizslas is quite tiring because they tend to learn things slower than other types of dog breeds. However, you must be patient and consistent so you can reap the benefit or reward soon.


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