How Long Do Vizslas Live & Other Facts About Adult Vizslas

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Considering getting a Vizslas? Is a Vizsla the dog for you? Can it accompany you in your lifetime? Whatever questions you have in mind, you are in the right place to make yourself more educated about Vizslas – their lifespan and other facts about them.

Meet the Vizsla

Vizsla, a breed of sporting dog that’s the offspring of Hungarian hunting dogs. These clever guys are great pointers and retrievers, and they can usually work in both capacities. Vizslas were bred to be cautious animals and for swift hunters. It has an alert temperament and is wary of alerting its prey.

How Long Do Vizslas Live?

Its lifespan is between 10-15 years, depending on several reasons like genetics, environment, diet, lifestyle, and other health issues. Interestingly, the 10-15 in “dog years” is equivalent to 60-83 in “human years.”

Interesting Facts About Adult Vizslas

Vizslas are beautiful, graceful, and loyal dogs. Aside from their physical attributes, getting to know more of Vizslas can keep you right on track.

Vizslas are Outstanding Dogs

If you are the type of dog owner who wants their dog to lay on the couch with you, Vizslas are not for you. They always want to run, swim, play, hike, and even go hunting! Vizslas are always ready for all kinds of adventure, as a result, Vizslas are known for their speed.

Vizslas as One of the Best Hunting Dogs

The Vizslas developed for swift hunting. This dog breed is excellent in retrieving games and any terrain, including water, as they are excellent swimmers. These qualities make them a very energetic breed and make a good companion.

If you think you are a lazy owner, Vizsla is not the best dog for you or else, and it will tear your house into pieces and may bite your children.

Known For Intelligence and Talent

Aside from their physical skills as hunters and pointers, Vizslas are known for their intelligence. They are easily trainable dogs, for this reason, you should start early. Training is necessary for Vizslas for their discipline and behavior towards strangers and other pets. Moreover, training also helps them to adjust better to their surroundings.

Vizslas Show an Excellent Protective Tendency

Vizslas will not hesitate to alert you to the presence of the intruders. They can be very cautious around their surroundings and fearless, and possess a well-developed protective instinct. Besides, Vizslas are a generally lively, affectionate plus, with a non-aggressive temperament.

Vizslas Love Water!

Dog’s love for water is a characteristic not very common for most breeds of dogs. In comparison with vizslas, they are fond of it! In addition, Vizsla’s love for swimming is embedded in their genetic makeup because they were bred to point and hunt.

They are natural with bodies of water, and the extra skin between their toes, called webbing, gives them more surface area, good navigation, and speed in the water.

Final Thoughts

Vizslas originated from an ancient hunting breed known for their agility; its owner should be responsible enough for such a breed. If you are an active person who genuinely loves to take long walks, hunting, and other adventures, Vizsla is the perfect dog for you. Vizslas are beautiful dogs, and their high energy will always keep you delighted in life.


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