How Long Do Vizslas Live And other life expectancy answers

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Vizslas are robust, energetic, and generally healthy dogs. They are agile and have a good sense of sight and smell because they were bred to be hunters. They require daily exercise and human affection.

You might find yourselves worried about the lifespan of a Vizsla before adopting them. It is a usual worry that dog owners have. It’s essential to know the life expectancy of a Vizsla and how to improve their lives.

Vizslas Life Expectancy

Vizslas are known as medium-sized athletic dogs that live longer compared to most breeds. Their lifespan can be affected by factors such as nutrition, health, and genetics. But on average, their lifespan is between 12 to 15 years.

Research also revealed that female Vizslas have a higher life expectancy rate. One possible reason is that male Vizslas are enormous compared to female Vizslas, making them prone to bone illnesses.

Other Life Expectancy Answers

Some people consider their 12 to 15-year lifespan to be long enough. But for owners who have formed a strong relationship with their Vizsla, this is relatively short. The following are the factors affecting a Vizsla’s life expectancy:

Bleeding disorders

There are many bleeding disorders suffered by Vizslas, each varying in severity. One common bleeding disorder is von Willebrand disease, a disease that prevents blood clotting.


Obesity can cause a short lifespan and joint problems for a Vizsla. It’s also a cause of heart ailments and back pain in Vizsla.


Vizslas are more prone to suffer from certain types of cancer than any other breed. It results from uncontrolled cell division that creates lumps and tumors throughout their body. Though it is treatable, it is a costly procedure, including a lifelong commitment.


It’s not enough to give food for Vizslas to stay alive. Their food should have sufficient nutrients and vitamins to keep them in good shape.


Their breed can be vulnerable to inherit diseases that owners cannot prevent. Examples of diseases they can inherit are Dwarfism and Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia (TVD). Both could cause severe health conditions.

Improving Your Vizsla Lifespan

Vizslas can avoid health problems and improve their lifespan by giving them the following:

  1. Increase Physical Activity.

Vizslas require daily physical activity because they were initially bred as hunters. They can be taken on a walk or run for a minimum of one hour daily.

  1. Double down on Nutrition.

You have to ensure your Vizsla’s food intake has the right amount of nutrition and vitamins because their breed is active.

  1. Be consistent with Grooming.

It is an easy task for a Vizsla because of their short coats. It would greatly help to brush their coat regularly to disseminate their natural oils on their body and keep it shiny.


Vizsla owners are expected to have a background and knowledge of their dog’s lifespan. But it’s more than that- you should also understand the factors that could affect their lives and help them improve their lifespan. To identify and rule out possible health issues, take them to a veterinary clinic regularly.


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