How Fast Can a Vizsla Run & Other Agility Answers

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Vizsla is a medium-sized hunting dog from Hungary. Vizslas are affectionate and athletic dogs. The American Kennel Club (AKC) referred to them as the ideal jogging or biking buddy. Vizslas are loyal companions on runs and walks. They are an active type of breed that requires at least one hour of exercise daily.

Vizsla Running and Training Preparation

Vizslas are athletic and energetic dogs that require exercise. Before you have your Vizsla start training and running, ensure you have these preparations checked and done:

  1. Has your veterinarian checked your Vizsla to rule out any health problems that could prevent him from running?
  2. Vaccines should be updated since your Vizsla will be in contact with other dogs.
  3. If your Vizsla is still a puppy, limit the running to one to two miles.
  4. For running or jogging, train them to heel to avoid tripping or other obstacles.

How Fast Can Vizslas Run

If you’re looking for a long-distance running buddy, a Vizsla is perfect for you. Vizslas were bred to be fast and strong; that’s how people have known them for having great endurance. Vizslas have muscular bodies that enable them to run up to about 40 miles or 64.37 kilometers per hour. Despite their incredible speed and energy, they are gentle and affectionate.

Vizslas are good for short and long-distance sprints and can run on sidewalks. Some Vizslas may grapple with a leash while running, but it’s not impossible. Vizslas only like to be at their own pace and might not thoroughly burn off their energy if leashed.

Agility Facts About Vizsla

Vizslas are full of energy- they can hunt for hours every day. This versatile breed is playful, intelligent, and agile. Vizslas are good at agility because of their original role as hunters. They have high stamina and are trainable, which makes them fit for agility training.

Agility training, a sports-based training, is an ideal way to train a Vizsla physically and mentally. The program was traced back to England in 1970 to exhibit obedience and agility, and later on, the sport became popular. In this training, the handler cues and gestures to trigger the Vizsla to run through many obstacles. The ultimate goal of agility training is to finish the challenges without a miss.

The training imitates different obstacles that dogs naturally encounter. In agility competitions, examples of Vizslas’s blocks are teeter-totters, leap through hoops, and zigzag through weave poles. The competition is scored based on accuracy and agility.


Vizslas are a very athletic breed of dogs. Taking care of them won’t be easy if you usually spend time running because it’s part of their daily requirement.

It’s always nice to run with a companion. Taking your Vizsla for a run is helpful for both of you to stay active. It makes your relationship with your Vizsla stronger. Vizslas are agile. Another good way for Vizsla to release their energy is by agility training.


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