Do Vizslas Shed? Are Vizslas Hypoallergenic?

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There are a few essential factors to look at when you’re about to decide on getting a Vizsla. You need to know the basics of how you will take care of your new housemate. For starters, you have to understand their nature, their shedding behavior, and if or not they’re hypoallergenic.

This article should help you answer all these questions.

Vizslas Shed Lightly but Regularly.

You may not notice it, but Vizslas shed lightly but regularly. Vizslas’ coats are short and are composed of only a single layer. That is why you may not always get bothered with seeing your Vizsla’s shedding since they are not visible. Thus, it doesn’t make shedding a big problem for a Vizsla owner than other breeds like Retrievers.

Vizslas are Not Hypoallergenic.

Contrary to what most people might think, Vizslas are not hypoallergenic. Due to their nature of having short, silky fur, dander is inevitable. It’s crucial to consider if you plan to adopt a Vizsla, especially if you have allergies. Although it’s doubtful for a Vizsla’s shed to cause a severe allergic reaction, it’s still best to note this.

How to Manage Your Vizsla’s Shed

Knowing that this breed is also a shedder and is not hypoallergenic should not stop you from adopting one. All you need is to understand how to manage its shed so that you don’t end up sneezing all over your place.

  1. Use a vacuum when cleaning all the places your Vizsla loves to hang out. Since their shed is almost invisible to the eye, especially if you have dark-colored carpets, sweeping will probably not do the trick.
  2. Whenever you groom or brush your Vizsla’s coat, toss away all the hair that comes out. We recommend you use a soft brush to help decrease the shedding. It also removes loose hair and keeps its growth in one direction.
  3. As much as possible, limit the areas where your Vizsla is allowed to roam around. It’s crucial, especially if you have an allergic reaction to dog fur and dander. You need to have a go-to place once you feel that your allergies are starting to get triggered.
  4. Consider bringing your Vizsla to an expert grooming parlor every once in a while. Knowing how to groom at home is a plus, but you may need an expert’s advice from time to time. If you think your Vizsla is already shedding more than usual, do not hesitate to ask your vet.

Vizslas as Self-Cleaning Dogs

Vizslas are among the cleanest breeds of dogs because they have an innate self-cleaning behavior. They are fond of licking their bodies to remove their loose hairs, which they would either spit out or eat. That is why you may sometimes notice that their stools have tiny hairs. Because of this behavior, Vizslas need to be bathed only once or twice a month.


Vizslas may shed but not as much as other dog breeds. The fact they are self-cleaning dogs is also a huge plus. Knowing your Vizsla’s nature and behavior will help you understand how you can adequately care for them.


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