Do Vizslas Like to Play in the Water? Do They Want to Swim?

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A Vizsla is a one-of-a-kind hunting buddy and family companion. They are famous for having high energy and being affectionate. They are also athletic. That’s why it is easy for them to engage in dog sports if there is an opportunity.

One sport that Vizslas do is swimming. They are hunting dogs who love swimming, and it is embedded in their genes. There’s also extra skin in their toes which is called “webbing.” Webbing provides more surface area that allows for Vizslas for more navigation and speed while in water.

Taking your Vizslas to a swim is a perfect way to bond and spend your summer. Before you proceed with that plan, you should know few things. Let’s take a peek at why Vizslas love playing in the water and few things to know to keep them healthy and safe while doing the sport they love.

Reasons and Things to Know about Vizslas as Swimmers

Hunting Blood of Vizslas

The love for swimming came from the hunting heritage of Vizslas. They can hunt for birds and rabbits. They can point out where the target is hiding and are a big help for hunters. Whether they are inland or Water, Vizsla is excellent to get a job well done. Vizslas’ webbed feet provide them excellent stability in the land and help them propel quickly through the water.

Things to Know in letting a Vizsla Go Swimming.

Even though a Vizsla can swim, it is better to start as early as possible. A pet owner can jump as young as eight weeks old in a kiddie pool. It has to be a few inches of water and add some toys to make it fun. This pool will be their introduction to swimming.

It is good to train your dog before letting them swim in large bodies of water. When this day comes, it is essential to take down notes for their safety. Vizslas should avoid some dangers in large bodies of water like lakes. The following are safety precautions for them:

  • Awareness of underwater hazards. There are fallen rocks, limbs, and fishing gears that can injure your dog. It is also essential to know if there are some threats, such as venomous snakes or snapping turtles.
  • It is better to let your Vizslas swim in warm water because they can chill quickly.
  • Understand anything about bacteria and parasites, especially leptospirosis. Some parasites can acquire from bodies and water; that’s why it is essential to update them.
  • Bring fresh water and offer it to your dog. It will keep the dog from drinking from the lake or ocean.
  • Bring towels to dry the dog off. They will not lick the water from their body and avoid harmful substances from the water.

Ear Care for Your Vizslas

It is unique for Vizslas is their floppy ears. Although it is a particular attribute, it allows infections to develop inside their ears. It blocks heat, airflow, and moisture because the ears are well-covered. That’s why routine ear cleaning is essential, especially for an active swimmer like a Vizslas.

Wrapping up!

Letting your dog do the thing they love will warm your heart. Vizslas are happy and energetic. It is better to educate yourself with the dos and don’ts, especially to a swimmer like Vizsla. They may get too excited with water and cannot control themselves by the mere sight of it. It is essential to know how to supersize an active swimmer like a Vizsla.


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