Do Vizslas Like to Fetch? Tips to train them to retrieve!

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Vizsla, as an active breed, likes mentally stimulating activities such as fetching! And teaching your Vizsla to fetch should be one of those issues that take little thinking or effort at all. Vizslas are, after all, excellent canine companions!

However, teaching your Vizsla tricks necessitates more than consistency. It requires being mentally, physically, and socially prepared. Below are some helpful hints for keeping your vizslas trained and active!

Train them Early

Training your dogs should not be a struggle when you start early. Dogs can learn a variety of tricks at a young age. Early training can help prevent behavioral issues and make the activity simpler as they get older and more challenging to teach. Below are some tips on how you can start training them at an early age!

Control Behavior Inside The House

By controlling your puppy’s behavior inside the house, the calmer and focused they will grow. Puppies who wander loose around the home can develop poor habits like hyperactivation, aggressive biting, and scratching on the surface. You can control the puppy’s behavior by keeping it restricted or keeping him on the leash whenever you are not interacting with it.

Teach Calmness

All training is built based on calmness, both physical and emotional. And it is easier to train a dog who knows when to stop moving around and listen to you. To raise a calm dog, you must learn how to teach “Yes” and “No.” If dogs know what to do and what not to do, they would be less reactive.

Figure Out The Right Training Method

Finding the correct training method for your dog can benefit both of you. It increases the dog’s behavior and lowers your stress levels. Moreover, the proper training method should be based on balanced respect and leadership. By doing things this way, the dog can live up to your expectations.

Adding Commands

When training a dog’s behavior, adding commands is necessary. It allows the dog to learn routines and develop a good understanding of what an order is. One typical command taught is retrieving. Below are the different ways of training your dogs to fetch.

The Run Away Method

The runaway involves a reward system. You should grab a treat and create a spacious space for both you and your pet. When both of you are ready, you can throw the ball away from you and ask him to fetch it. Once he picks it up, you run away from it. When he chases you back, congratulate him by pressing a reward against his nose and saying, “Drop it,” while placing the other hand under its mouth to catch the ball when it falls.

The Goofy Method

The Goofy Method is somewhat similar to the Run Away Method. However, this does not involve running away from the ball. Instead, the owner would enthusiastically run towards the ball whenever the dog dropped it. Just repeat the process of tossing the ball, telling him to ‘fetch,’ and he will end up consistently interested when playing.

The Long Leash Method

From the name itself, the long leash method involves teaching fetch while on leash. It allows the puppy to be focused and eager at the same time. Just toss the ball a few feet away from you and Say fetch. Whenever the dog returns the ball to you, you can softly but swiftly reel him in with the long leash and give him the treat.

Consistency is the Key

Dogs are intelligent, but they are taught in repetition. It would make your dog learn what you want of them if you use the same set of rules all of the time. If you are inconsistent, you would most likely end up with a confused dog that exhibits undesirable conduct and lacks discipline. To remain consistent, you can follow these simple tips below.

Puppy Training Schedule

Training schedules allow dogs to grasp activities at a specific time. By creating a particular plan of training each day, you can solidify your commands. You can encourage good behavior and bring them anywhere you want.

Continuous Training Methods

Some dog owners’ mistake is shuffling from three to four commands. For the dogs to understand the command, the owner must focus on giving it out singularly. Continuous Training Methods create and promote confidence.

Teaching The Right Way

Consistency comes when you teach the right way. The right way of teaching includes respect and positive training. When you teach your dog the correct behavior, they will respect you and your order in the right way.


To train dogs, you have to take into account certain aspects. And this includes different sets of characteristics. Vizslas have always been an active, cheerful, and affectionate breed making them easier to pet and train. So make sure to use these tips and tricks to create a fun and interactive training environment for you and your Vizsla!


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