Do Vizslas Like to Dig? Causes and Solutions to Try

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Ever noticed your once lawn garden is now full of holes, mounds, and devastated plants and vegetables? We’ve only got one reason for that- your Vizsla! Vizslas and other dogs enjoy digging up; it’s typical behavior for dogs but can be a hassle for the owners.

Understanding the cause behind your Vizsla’s digging behavior will help you manage and look for a solution to minimize it.

What Causes Vizslas to Dig From Time to Time?

Digging is a natural behavior among dogs. It goes back to their ancestors. It’s the reason why they were tasked to be hunting companions.

Like other dogs, Vizslas also dig to protect themselves from heat, bury their bones or toys, hunt, or play. If this is done occasionally, there’s no need for you to worry nor to scold your Vizsla as it’s part of their instincts to dig.

What Causes Vizslas to Always Dig?

When digging is done excessively, you should understand the circumstances that result in this habit. Here are some of the reasons for your Vizslas excessive digging:

Needs Attention

Vizslas are loving and clingy dogs- they want to be part of your life. They like affection and cuddling, and when left alone, they tend to destructive behaviors like digging.

Inadequate Exercise

Vizslas are active and energetic dogs that require physical exercise. They are required to burn off their energy daily. One possible reason for their excessive digging is they are not getting enough activity.


If Vizslas are left on their own the whole day, they could get bored and do things to entertain themselves. They could resort to chewing, pulling clothes, and of course, digging.


Dogs, including Vizslas, dig to bury their bones, food, or other things essential for them. This habit is one of their survival traits, and it’s called caching. Dogs bury their food to preserve it so they can retrieve it back in times of scarcity. They do this to protect themselves from other animals, so they have something to eat later.

Another reason why they bury their food is to play with you. Vizslas may hide their food because they are bored and want you to look for their food.

Other Reasons

Aside from these common reasons mentioned, there are other reasons why your Vizslas resort to digging:

  1. Vizslas’ original role is to hunt; hence digging is an instinctive behavior for them. They may do this in search of insects or other prey.
  2. Your Vizsla may feel trapped and want to get out of your yard. Because of that, your Vizsla digs in the hopes of escaping.
  3. During warm weather, your Vizsla may dig into lying on the ground because the surface under is cooler.
  4. They might be exhibiting Pica, a behavior where dogs eat things like soil. They could dig your garden before eating dirt.

Solutions to Try to Stop Digging

The different causes why your Vizsla likes to dig should help you determine whether the behavior is normal or excessive. If the digging behavior is part of your Vizsla’s destructive behavior, here are the solutions to stop him from digging.

Give Your Vizsla Enough Exercise

Because Vizslas are very energetic dogs, they need to have plenty of exercise to keep them happy. Spend time with your Vizsla- run, swim, walk with them, or do other activities to help burn off their energy.

Distract and Discourage Your Vizsla from Digging

If you’re going out and leaving your Vizsla for a while, keep him distracted by giving him a bone or dental chews. You can also hide a treat since sniffing and hunting are some of their instincts.

You can also redirect your dog to do other activities like playing tricks or fetch. Praise or reward your Vizsla’s new behavior for making them understand that new behavior will give them treats instead of digging.

Train Him

If your Vizsla still digs excessively, train him to search only in certain areas like a sandbox. Give your Vizsla a sandbox where he can dig instead of digging in your garden. Surround the sandbox with stones and hide toys and food to understand that he should only explore there.

Make Him Feel Comfortable

Whenever you leave home, keep your Vizsla in a cage or a crate. But make it a comfortable place for him by placing a bed and giving him toys to chew. You can also leave a stuffed toy with your Vizsla to keep him entertained for hours.


Vizslas, like other breeds, like to dig too because of their instinctive behavior. But digging can come off as a destructive behavior when alone, bored, or lacking exercise. Understand what’s causing this violent behavior and follow these steps to ensure your Vizsla is happy, content, and in good shape.


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