Common Vizsla Sleeping Habits

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Having a pet is such a big responsibility, and there are many things to consider. When caring for a Vizsla, you should list the things you must provide to them. Including food, exercise and physical activity, care, and medical attention. One of these is knowing their sleeping habits.

Some owners let their dogs sleep on their beds. Some owners are not allowing them to sleep beside them, and it’s understandable. There are several factors why they do not like their pet dogs to sleep with them on the bed. Because of this, some seek other options.

Places and Other Options For Your Vizsla

Here is the list of the available places where you can put your Vizsla to sleep.

Dog Bed

Buying your dog their bed is one of the excellent choices. Just make sure that their bed has a padded surface so that your Vizsla will not lose its body heat while resting. You can also add a blanket to their bed to warm them during the cold weather since Vizsla has a short coat.

Also, consider the size of their bed. The recommended size for your Vizsla is a bigger bed, even if you think that they are still a puppy. Vizsla can grow pretty quickly. In that way, you won’t need to buy another one.

Now, let’s talk about where you would put the pet inside your home. You can put their bed at a comfortable temperature in every season. Considering the climate can also affect where you would put the bed. A warmer place when it’s cold and a cooler place when it’s hot.

Give your dog space by putting their bed in a quiet place. The idea of giving them a quieter place is to make them sleep relaxed as Vizsla has a powerful hearing.

On some occasions, your pet refuses to sleep in its bed. Maybe you did not follow the factors above, or they just want to get closer to you.


Another option is to buy a kennel for your Vizsla dog. However, you need a lot of time to train your dog, especially if they are still a puppy.

The first thing you need to train your dog is to let them familiarize their kennel. It is best to put the kennel where the family member usually spends their time. This technique can make your dog confident in learning how to enter the kennel.

Second, you can put inside the kennel their canine’s bowl of food. It will train your Vizsla dog to see their kennel as a comfortable and nice place. When they eat inside their kennel, slowly close it. Opened it when they were done eating.

A kennel is a very good place to sleep for Vizsla. It will help them to keep calm in their space even when you’re not home.


You could make your Vizsla sleep on the floor anywhere in the house. But keep in mind some certain conditions. For example, you are living in an area with a cold climate. It would be best if you made sure that the floor has a very low temperature. It also applies to areas with hot climates.

You can do one thing if you want to make your Vizsla sleep on the floor by putting it on a mat. It will make them comfortable sleeping and keep their body temperature. A dog mat is the most versatile and practical option because you can take it everywhere.

Always remember, do not let your dog sleep outside the house. Once you get a pet, they become part of your family too. Vizsla has a single short coat and takes into account the weather. It is not recommended to let them sleep outside, especially if you want to create a bond or spend time with them.

What Does Vizsla’s Sleeping Position Mean

Crazy Legs

Maybe you’ve seen your Vizsla sleeping on their back with their four legs up. This position is called crazy legs. Some researchers say that dogs who sleep in this position tend to be submissive and vulnerable. If your Vizsla dog sleeps this way, they are independent and laidback. It is also their way to let the family know that they are comfortable and safe around you.

Side Sleeping

This position is common with Vizsla puppies. This position is more relaxing than Curly Sue, and they demonstrate trust when they let their stomachs be exposed. Dogs who sleep in this position are carefree and very calm. This position is also their way to let the owners know that they are happy with the dog.


It is the cutest position of all, as it imitates a superhero flying. Your Vizsla dog uses the superman position to wake up easier than the other positions. It is an indicator of a cheerful and energetic dog.

Passed Out

The passed-out position is a bit similar to the crazy legs’ sleeping position. Some scientists say that this position may be a sign of overheating your dogs. Dog’sDog’s paws contain sweat glands, and their belly has the least fur around their body; this is an effective way for cooling off. However, if your dog has their paws curled over their chest, they tell anyone that they don’t want to be bothered.

Belly Curl

It is also similar to Curly Sue, except their body isn’t as tightly wound up. If your Vizsla is sleeping in this position, they might not get the best sleep quality. Some dogs who do this position are gentle and shy.

Curly Sue

Curly Sue allows your dog to have its belly protected, which is the most common position for wild dogs and wolves. If your dog always does the curly sue position, they feel cold or intimidated by their environment or people around them. It’sIt’s also a comfortable position.

Back to Back

This position is a bit different than other positions on this list. It tells you how your dogs sleep in connection to you or other pets. This position is an intelligent way to show that you are also one of their pack, an important member of his life. This sleeping position is also their way to bond with you or other pets, showing that they fully trust you.

Final Words

Knowing where you would put the sleeping area of your dog is also important. It is how you also show your love for them. Giving your Vizsla dog a comfortable sleeping place can guarantee their trust. They will know that you are a trusting and safe person.

So, treating them as part of your family is a huge plus.


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