Can Vizslas Be Left Alone

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Vizsla is a breed that makes a great companion for its owner. They are very affectionate, lively, and clingy, and they tend to form strong bonds. These reasons factored in as to why Vizslas are known to exude strong loyalty among its owners. They always want to be with their owners and never like to be left alone.

So, if you are planning to leave your Vizsla alone, then here are the reasons why you should not:

Vizslas Love Human Companion

At an early age, Vizslas are exposed to have a lot of human interaction. This kind of exposure is done for them to develop their intellect and skills fully. Thus, they become an attention-seeking breed of dogs, and they will always follow you anywhere you go. Yes, that’s how clingy they are. So, leaving them alone is like total darkness for them.

Note that they cannot thrive without human companionship.

They Might Suffer From Separation Anxiety

As mentioned before, Vizslas are loyal and devoted to their owners. They aspire to be your “best companion,” so it is not advised for them to be alone for too long. They might suffer from various severe conditions, and among them is separation anxiety. And, this kind of condition is what experts believe to be incurable.

There’s a high chance that Vizslas will feel lonely, frustrated, and anxious when alone.

They Need More Than An Hour of Exercise or Physical Activity

Vizslas are oozing with so much agility, energy, and life. And, owners of this kind of breed have to match their level somehow. On a scientific basis, Vizslas must have one hour to two hours of physical exercise every day. They love to walk, run, and play with people. Playing alone might cause them to break something from your house because they are that energetic again.

They Are Bred to Work Closely With Their Owners

Vizslas are hunter dogs, so they are indeed bred to work closely with their owners. They will instinctively follow you anywhere you go. Vizsla also wants their owners to be with them while doing their daily physical exercises and activities. Thus, it will be unproductive and sad for Vizsla to be left alone by their owners.

Final Words

Not all fur parents can have a Vizsla as their dog. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before getting yourself a Vizsla. These factors include energy, place size, and, most importantly, time. So, if you work most of the day or are a busy person, Vizslas might not be the right breed for you.

Because of its nature, Vizslas should not be left alone. Other effects of isolation among them are the following:

  • Frustration, stress, and boredom
  • Depression
  • Disobedience
  • Aggression and aloofness

All these effects might lead them to have destructive behavior. So, make sure always to have company for your Vizslas.


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