Can Vizsla Be Kept Outside? Can They Handle Cold Weather

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The thin coat of fur on Vizsla dogs makes it difficult for them to withstand the cold. Excessive exposure to cold can be harmful to your pet’s health. On the other hand, Vizla can withstand the cold with good exercise, a diet plan, and a few other tips.

Why Your Vizsla Can Get Too Cold

The fact that vizslas only have a single layer of fur contributes to their vulnerability to cold. Vizslas don’t have an undercoat, which is usually used as an “insulation” layer. Without a double-coat, their skin is highly exposed, making it difficult to maintain body heat.

Vizslas have a very slim body and very little fat. While their muscles are on display to make the other dogs flush, this will not help them retain warmth.

Signs Your Vizsla Is Becoming Too Cold

Here are signs your Vizsla might be getting too cold:

  1. Keeping one of their paws off the ground

The paws are among the first to be damaged by the weather because they are the first contact point. Your vizsla will attempt to lift one with their front paws off the ground, one of the first signs.

  1. Slightly slouched Vizsla

If your vizsla’s back is somewhat slumped over, he’s getting too cold, just like people try to raise their shoulders to our ears in the same way we do when we’re cold.

  1. Motions are much more sluggish

A dog’s mobility suffers significantly when the cold sets in. Note that if your Vizsla is running and hopping around normally, that’s a good sign. But, if he slows down or declines to go anymore, then it’s necessary to switch indoors.

  1. Trembling

As the environment gets cold, muscles contract and expand unwillingly to generate heat. Your vizsla is too cold if he shivers or shakes.

  1. Curled in tail

Another warning that your vizsla is feeling the cold is if his tail begins to tuck in. After this, you will see your vizsla slouching.

How Do You Keep Your Vizsla Warm and Comfortable?

Beforehand, either in or out of the house, it is important to put on a jacket. Your Vizsla would always be warm and relaxed in this manner. When your dog takes a nap, though, look up its sleeping area to ensure it is properly padded.

Use Warm Pads

It’s a great idea to put heat packs in its sleeping room. As a result, both you and t will be able to sleep soundly and without fear of the cold.

Keep a Thick Blanket on Its Bed

In its sleeping area, you can have a blanket for your dog. Make sure to wash these items regularly. Without it, there is a risk that your Vizsla will develop health issues.

Consider Their Nutrition

According to the National Research Council of the National Academies, an adult Vizsla weighing 55 pounds needs 1409 kcal. Spayed/neutered dogs, as well as those that are elderly, may require fewer calories.

Based on the level of activity and appetite, certain dogs can require more calories.
During the winter, their body has to work harder in particular, which burns more calories.

It’s normal for him to raise his calorie intake moderately during colder months to sustain his ideal body weight. It may not be appropriate if your vizsla is already heavy.

During Bad Weather, Put Them on a Leash, Coats, and Boots

Get them on the leash quickly if you’re there for a stroll and the climate unexpectedly alters. It is not recommended to allow dogs to be exposed to the cold for extended periods. Know that Vizslas can only live for a fraction of the time, and extreme temperatures may weaken their system.

Have your Vizsla put on a coat and boots during winter.

Cold weather coats, particularly waterproof ones, will help keep your vizsla heated for extended periods. A good winter coat for your Vizsla will take your pup to walk-in cold weather. Besides that, dog boots will aid your Vizsla in surviving the cold.

If you look closely at their paws, you’ll notice that vizslas have webbed feet. What does it indicate? It’s a thin layer that runs between their feet. It aids them in several ways. These boots will allow your Vizsla to play and walk around through the snow.


Pet owners face a new variety of challenges throughout the winter. This becomes necessary to consider your pet’s comfort during winter walks so that they are comfortable. Ensure to watch out for the sign if they get too cold and prepare the necessary winter items.


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