Best Small Dog Breeds that Go Running with You

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Running is one of the most accessible cardio exercises. It would surely improve your mental and physical health and, at times, can even lighten any symptoms of depression.

What more if you have a little companion with you while running, whether a trail or just a quick burst through the wide and open pavement road. There are a lot of dogs that love to run. But not all breeds can keep up with a runner’s pace.

Top Small Dog Breeds that Can Keep Up with Your Running Pace

If you are looking for the right jogging companion to keep up with you on your cardio session, below are a few contenders on our list of best small dog breeds that can go running with you.

Jack Russel Terrier

This is one of the most active breeds on the list, the Jack Russel Terrier. They were bred around 200 years ago to hunt foxes. Jacks are very lively and independent.

But take caution. Due to it having a lot of energy in its body, it tends to be too much or a handful to manage and train. Thus, we would not recommend this if you are a novice owner. This breed is suggested mainly for experienced dog owners.

Once trained properly, they can be very affectionate and, of course, surely meet any jogging needs since it was bred, well, for running and hunting.

Welsh Corgi

This breed is a small dog that has a lot of energy packed in that tiny body. They have thighs with power that provides the speed and energy to keep up with their human counterpart. This dog was originally used as a farm dog to herd cattle and sheep. That is why it has a very strong desire to exercise.

They love playing very much that you should have activities lined up for them or they would not let you rest. The Welsh Corgi’s body built makes it hard for them to run long distances but is perfect for walks and paved jogs.

Border Collie

This may be one of the most intelligent breeds on this list, The Border Collie. They can easily go through rough terrain without worrying about getting lost or injured. They are an extremely energetic breed and require a lot of activities.

This breed is the recommended choice if you would have a very active lifestyle and do long runs. They are overly energetic and would need a ton of exercise. They can easily handle 8-10miles and feels like they can do more.


One of the most popular breeds out there, the Beagle, is a small dog that is ideal for quick runs, jogging, and long walks. They are very curious and, at times, mischievous.

In the 1500s, they were used as hunting dogs and are still being recreationally used for hunting. They pack a lot of energy and need the right amount of exercise regularly. Because of their curiosity, when going through unfamiliar places, make sure to be alert since they tend to follow new scents.


The Papillion is a breed with good agility. It loves the outdoors and is very energetic. But this breed is not suggested for long-running sessions.

In addition to that, the good thing is that it is suggested for long walks, quick sprints, and playing outdoors. They are very playful and friendly towards other humans but maybe a bit nervous around strangers.


Most people perceive that Poodles are mainly for show, but this can be deceiving. The Germans previously used this breed in the 19th century as hunting dogs.

As you’ll see, they were made to hunt ducks. They have no problem swimming and are not afraid of any water. And, they are very athletic and are suggested for light running, walks, and swimming.

Wire Fox Terrier

They were originally bred to chase after the small game to their dens. It has an upbeat and affectionate personality that makes him a good companion dog. They are very trainable and love to run around. They will run for 3-5 miles which makes them great companions for exercise.

Shetland Sheepdog

A breed that originated in Scotland, they were made to stay guard at the farmer’s gardens. They kept hungry birds and sheep away from the crops. It is smart and loves to please its owners. They can also be quite affectionate, making them a good choice for a family dog.

The Shetland sheepdog loves to trains and exercise, usually requiring at least an hour a day of exercise. They make a good running companion and can easily handle 5 miles of running and think they can do more.

Tenterfield Terrier

This is a small and lightweight terrier. This breed is very intelligent, but consistent training is needed for it to learn. They have a lot of energy and require exercise at least once a day. It has a very short coat which is usually white with black or tan. They are great running partners as they are bred to hunt and do not tire easily.


Also known as the “badger hunter,” it is one of the amazingly capable breeds capable of running. What they do is that they hunt as a pack and cover all the badger’s borrows, leaving no place for it to escape to.

They also hunt other tunneling animals such as rabbits and foxes. Also, they enjoy running, but their short legs cannot run very far. They tend to run in short sharp bursts than long distances.

Also, they are great for long walks as they can walk for as much as 10 miles a day. Dachshunds are also very versatile and make them an excellent choice for a family while a running companion for short-range running sessions.


Small dog breeds are great companions, especially for apartment dwellers where space is limited. They are also great companions, notably when big dogs are too much for you. Positively, this list helped you in determining what small dog breeds are best running with.


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