Best small dog breeds for frequent airline travels 

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Are you a frequent traveler yet hate leaving your pooch behind? Then it would be best if you considered adopting a dog breed that’s ideal for airline travels. Luckily, lots of dog breeds are well suited for flying. But it would help if you first did your homework–and that is to familiarize yourself with airline pet travel information as well as the rules and regulations that come with taking a dog on a plane. After all, it’d be a nightmare to get stranded at the airport because apparently, your dog isn’t allowed to get on board. To prevent that from happening, we have rounded the 7 best small dog breeds that you can frequently bring along with you by plane.

Should you get a dog if you travel a lot?

Travel can be stressful for pets. However, with dogs, you can train them to travel with you or to be happy at home. The choice is all up to you, really. Also, the breed of your dog matters. That’s because certain breeds will act up when left alone by their owner for a while. But you also have lots of options that allow you to safely leave your dog when you go somewhere. These include dog kennels, pet sitters or in-home sitters, pet hotels, daily boarding schools, or even vet accommodation.

Being a pet owner is a lot like being a parent. You love your dog, so you’re willing to sacrifice to give them a good life. But you also deserve a fulfilling life. Your dog shouldn’t be a reason that you feel trapped or limited. Remember traveling without your pet doesn’t make you love them any less.

Can you give your dog anything for plane travel?

You can give him his familiar food but feed him lightly and no sooner than 4 hours ahead of time. This way, he will have more time to digest what he ate. Plus, it will reduce the chances of your pet needing to go to the bathroom while you’re on the plane. You wouldn’t want to deal with any potty mishaps at the airport and on the plane. Moreover, he may experience motion sickness, so traveling with an empty stomach before and during the flight can help prevent nausea and vomiting. You can give him a little water before departure but not too much that he will have a full bladder.

7 Best Small dog breeds for frequent airline travels

Small dogs are incredibly easier to fly with. For starters, they take up less space. Also, they can usually be carried on with you, rather than being in cargo. Here are small dog breeds that are commonly permitted to travel by plane:

  1. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are a social breed, meaning they’re outgoing pets and are dedicated to their owners. He’s also brave, confident, and is adaptable. What’s more, your Yorkshire Terrier is very portable. You can easily look for a carrier that can fit under the seat in front of you. Thus, he’s one of the best companions to be with when you take on the world.

  1. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are tiny breeds but are also powerful dogs. They’re very loving and playful, with amazing energy for an owner like you who’s on the go. Just make sure to take him for a walk to burn off all those energies before you travel. This way, he can be stationary for a while. He’s also independent yet easy to train. Needless to say, a Jack Russel Terrier makes a wonderful travel mate, especially with his size.

  1. Maltese

Maltese is a toy breed that generally weighs less than 7 pounds. Yep, he is that lightweight and easy to carry around. Moreover, he’s a happy pal, always glad to make new friends. His size is a perfect fit for an airline-approved carrier. Plus, you can easily slide him under the seat in front of you. With regards to maximum size and weight restrictions, there shouldn’t be any problem for your Maltese.

  1. Brussels Griffon

Happy and clever, the Brussels Griffon is another travel-friendly pet like most teacup dog breeds. He’s easy to please. Thus, training him won’t be much of a problem. This small breed is also friendly with other pets, kids, and even strangers. He loves being in the limelight and is happy to follow you wherever you go. And while he’s a cute dog, don’t leave him in his boredom for too long as he may become destructive.

  1. Bichon Frise

Another happy-go-lucky small breed on your list is the Bichon Frise. This beautiful, tiny dog is great at adapting to new surroundings. As such, he makes an excellent traveling companion. His pint size is also pretty perfect for air travel. Oh, and did you know that these little white charmers were apparently taken all over the world? Historically, that is.

  1. Chihuahua

With their size alone, Chihuahuas are no doubt a travel-friendly breed. In fact, he’d probably fit right in your bag. Additionally, he doesn’t use much space, nor does he eat a lot of food. He also loves going wherever his owner goes. Lastly, it’s improbable that you’ll run into breed or size restrictions at pet-friendly places with a Chihuahua.

  1. Pomeranian

Whether in a purse or stroller, Pomeranians like to lounge, just taking in the sights and getting adored. His small size is compact enough as well to travel as a carry-on. The Pomeranian breed is also a merry dog that’s very friendly and fairly adaptable, with a lively personality to match. Suffice it to say, and he’ll be a wonderful travel companion.


When flying with dogs, the most important thing is to be prepared ahead of time. Do your research and know the conditions of the airline you’ll be using to ensure both of you will be having a smooth and safe trip. Hopefully, our list has helped you narrow down your choices and help you pick the right breed as your travel companion in the future.



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