Best Small Black Dog Breeds 

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Dogs of all breeds, especially pups, are all adorable. Still, there’s something about black dog breeds that you just can’t put the finger on. At first glance, they seem intimidating, but many of them aren’t bad dogs people make them out to be. That’s like judging the book by its cover. So by following that same notion, you shouldn’t write off a dog by its coat, either.

The color black is associated with authority, power, and elegance, which explains the mysterious allure surrounding black dogs. Black dog breeds are pretty common, seeing as they actually have been around for thousands of years. However, if we’re talking about black and small dog breeds, then there’s only a handful of them.

If you’re interested in getting a small, black dog, we suggest going over this article. We’ve rounded up the best small black dog breeds you can choose from.

8 Best Small Black Dog Breeds

Dogs come in many sizes, including toy-sized. For some pet owners, if they want a black dog, they’d rather have a small one. Let’s take a closer look at these little small doggies that sport a lovely black hue.

  1. Affenpinscher

Among the Pinscher group, the Affenpinscher is the toy variation. Funnily enough, their looks are far from the average Mini Pinscher or Doberman. Rather, they have a fluffy, long black coat. They’re known for being comical, brave, and cheerful personality. Needless to say, you won’t have a dull moment with this dog.

  1. Boston Terrier

Originally bred to be fighting dogs, Boston Terriers have now reformed their reputation. Presently, they’re known as gentle and affectionate dogs, earning the nickname “American Gentleman.” They even look like they’re wearing a tuxedo. Boston Terriers are innately affectionate, so make sure to give them lots of love (and exercise). They wear a smooth, fine coat in either black, seal, or brindle color.

  1. Cesky Terrier

Cesky Terriers wear a soft bluish-gray coat that ranges from silver to black. When they’re pups, they’re all black, with their coats becoming lighter over the years. This breed was created to hunt but is now known for its loving personality. They’re also playful little ones with moderate exercise needs. You may often see them cuddling on the couch, but they’re energetic enough to compete in dog sports.

  1. Lancashire Heeler

First time hearing of this breed? Not surprising since Lancashire Heeler is a rare dog breed. Sporting a good amount of energy and a vibrant personality, these black dogs are also smart and quick to learn new tasks. Small as they may be, but their herding skills cannot be doubted. Their water-resistant coats are dominantly black combined with some tan.

  1. Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher has a dignified and brave demeanor. These two ‘kingly’ traits led the breed to be named the “King of Toys.” As small as they may look, their personalities are definitely huge. Their coats aren’t solid black, but rather mostly black mixed with copper or tan marks on their ears, eyebrows, mouth, chest, and legs.

  1. Patterdale Terrier

This breed comes in several colors, including black, red, and brown. Their coats can also be smooth, rough, or broken. Spunky and spirited in nature, Patterdale Terriers are a very popular breed in the USA despite originating from the United Kingdom. Belonging to the hunting group, these small dogs have high energy levels, so make sure to give them a couple of active play sessions and some short walks.

  1. Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier is your quintessential terrier dog–fearless, independent, and animated. Scotties can also be very dignified dogs with a sometimes quirky side, making them seem human in personality. They’re characterized by their compact bodies, dense yet soft undercoats, intense eyes, and perky ears.

  1. Schipperke

Originally from Belgium, Schipperkes are another small breed of black dogs. Hundred years ago, it was known as a ship dog, hence the name. They used to catch rats, and guard supplies brought in barges. Because of this, they got the nickname “little captain dog.”


Black isn’t the most interesting color. But such a color on small dogs can be an endearing feature for many dog owners. If you have a soft spot for black, small dogs, then any of those dog breeds will suit you. Let us know what’s your favorite!



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