Are Vizslas Good With Kids 3? Reasons Why

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Vizslas are a highly energetic dog breed known worldwide mainly because of their ancient background as hunters and associates of tribe warriors back then. They can be easy to handle at times but not all the time.

Are Vizslas Good With Kids? Here Are the Reasons Why

To answer this most frequently asked question about Vizslas, the answer is a big bubbly YES! Vizslas are good and compatible with kids, so you don’t need to worry about getting one even if you have kids already living with you at home.

Below are 3 major reasons why Vizslas are good with kids.

  1. Vizslas Are Velcro Dogs

The term “velcro” means that someone is so clingy that they don’t know personal space, and even if they know, they will disregard it because their number one goal is to get close to you at all times. This type of dog breed is great for kids because your children will learn to be friendly by interacting with the family dog first then applying that trait with their schoolmates or with other people as well. If you don’t mind this type of behavior in your family dog, then you can buy or adopt  Vizsla without thinking twice.

  1. Vizslas Are Soft and Cuddly

Another reason why a Vizsla dog breed is good with kids is their soft and cuddly personality. Aside from being clingy, they will cuddle with you relentlessly. They will not just follow your kids wherever they go. They will also be there when the children want to sit watching some television shows and cuddle. Apart from that, they don’t smell that bad for dogs because their fur is so thin. It can be cleaned by just light bathing. This is another way for you, as a parent, to do household chores while your kiddos are busy bonding with your Vizsla.

  1. Vizslas Can Match Your Kids’ Energy

Vizslas are well-known for their high-caliber capability to run, fetch, and hunt. If you have kids who want to run in the park and you can’t follow them around. It’s because your picnic table needs to be arranged already. You can rely on a Vizsla to keep up with their energy. But of course, you still need to monitor them. The excitement can lead to minor accidents like tripping or bumping into other people. And after a long day of high-energy activities, expect that your Vizsla and kids will cuddle and sleep their tiredness off. And when they wake up from a short nap, their energy will be the same; high, lively, and jolly.

They Are Friendly but Still, Be Cautious

This type of dog breed is good for kids. It’s because of their clinginess. You should still be careful because it can harm your children if you don’t train your Vizsla as early as possible.

Vizslas Can Be Bouncy and Overhyped Sometimes

When left unattended, Vizslas can be ultra bounce and super clingy to your kids, especially the smaller ones. Do not leave small kids, especially the ones who are 6 and below. They are going to be helpless when your dog suddenly approaches them and jumps into them that it may cause accidents. What you can do is to bring your small children to the second floor (if you have any) or to a separate room when you are about to do something around the house.  You will be able to make sure that your kids are safe from the over-cuddling of a Vizsla.

You Must Socialize Your Vizsla and Train It as Early as Possible

Early training is to avoid the dilemma mentioned above of having a Vizsla dog and kids under 1 roof. Vizslas are infamous for their slow-paced learning. This will help you reap the rewards later on, so be patient and kinds to your Vizsla puppies. You must also bring your dog to the park to socialize with other dogs and people as well. This will provide great results if you repeat this process for 6-12 months straight. You may feel tired at times, but at least you will not worry about your dog pounding your kids.

Whether you are looking for a family dog or dogs which can entertain and teach your kids how to be friendly when you are buddy around the house, Vizslas are a must-own type of dog breed.


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