Are Vizslas Good Running Dogs? Tips to Train Your Exercise Companion

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The Vizsla is a small, loyal and intelligent hunting dog. They are one of the most popular breeds of dogs that you will find around the world. This dog is usually an amiable breed and loves to be around people. It makes them a great companion animal, especially for children who will love to have a playful and social pet. When it comes to training your Vizsla dog, here are a few things you should consider to keep them alive and healthy.

Are Vizslas Good Running Dogs?

Yes, they are good running dogs. Some experienced runners can appreciate Vizsla’s super-athleticism. This breed has excellent speed, endurance, navigating with obstacles, and jumping. They also possess excellent trainability skills, which make it more exciting to bond with them.

Take a note of this factor before running with your Vizsla.

The Right Breed and Age

Before having a long run with your dog, make sure it is suited to long-distance running. Running is also not safe for puppies, as their bones are still growing. Ensure that they are 12-14 months of age to wait for their bones to finish growing.

Every dog has their personality. Consider researching your dog’s temperament, or take your dog first to your local veterinarian for a physical check-up. It is to ensure that it is a safe activity for them to do.

Walk Before You Run

Your Vizsla dog should master first loose-leash walking before starting to train them to run beside you. Remember that the environment has a lot of things that might interest your dog, like squirrels and exciting smells. If you want to stay your dog beside you, you also keep rewards with you like treats, toys, and praise. It will reinforce your dog to stay beside you.

Keeping your dog on one side is important too when you start running together. It doesn’t matter what side you choose, left or right, and pick one to stick with it. It is to avoid tripping you or tangling the lease on your legs. Always give your dog rewards when they stick to the position you want. Once they master one side, you can train them to the other side.

Speed Cues

When you are out for a walk with your dog, it is essential to have a cue for them. One example is “let’s go,” telling your dog that it’s time to move on and to get walking. A different cue like “let’s get running” or “move it” can be used to tell your dog to pick up and run or move. The more information or cues to give your dog, the better they will respond to it.

To teach them a running cue:

  1. Disperse short bursts of jogging or running with an average walking pace.
  2. Give the line immediately before increasing your speed.
  3. Reward your dog when they hurry to catch up. You can also use a cue to teach your dog to slow down, like “whoa,” or “slow down.”

Building Their Endurance

Before running, also get your Vizsla dog in shape. They also need to build strength and endurance slowly, like how you condition yourself before running. Start your activity by adding small stretches running into your walks. Gradually increase the portion of your time spent running and decrease the amount of walking.

It will guarantee that after several weeks, your Vizsla dog has adapted to running long distances.

Extreme Weather Condition

Some dedicated runners can run whatever the weather conditions are. But sometimes, the weather outside can be too hot or too cold. It would help if you considered the weather before running with your Vizsla dog. If you cannot go out and your dog is simply bored, you can entertain them with indoor activities or games.

There are various indoor activities to choose from like obstacle courses, tug-of-war, and some dog tricks.

Tips to Train Your Vizsla for a Safe and Enjoyable Run

To train your dog as your running companion, you must ensure their safety. To not spoil the fun, here are the tips to keep in mind:

  • Warm-up your dog before running, then cool them down when you are finished running by walking for a few minutes.
  • Be aware of the weather conditions. Dogs can not handle heat and heat as well as you can.
  • Carry water on your walks. Offer it to your dog regularly.
  • Give your frequent dog breaks. It gives them time to recharge for a while, go to the restroom, and enjoy their surroundings.
  • Only allow your dog to run off-leash where it’s safe and legal. Additionally, make sure that they can run with discipline and cannot be distracted easily.
  • Watch your dogs if they have signs that they have had enough of running. Example signs are excessive panting and lagging behind you. Dogs continue to run to please their owners, even when they want to stop.

Final Words

Running with your dog can be fun. But before initiating this kind of activity with your dog, make sure you know what to do first. It will keep your Vizsla dogs safe and won’t spoil the fun and your bond with them.


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