Are Vizslas Good for First-Time Owners? 5 Things to Know

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One of the most popular medium-sized dogs this time around is Vizslas. They are these super intelligent and hyper-energetic dogs that aim for affection and satisfaction from their owners. But a lot of first-time dog owners are in doubt whether to get one or not.

Are Vizslas Good for First-Time Owners?

Vizslas are quite easy to take care of even if you’re taking care of a dog for the first time. They are good for first-time dog owners. They are overly affectionate velcro dogs, so it will feel like you’re interacting with a clingy child every day.

But of course, you still need to learn from the experts and seasoned Vizsla owners, so we compiled the things that you should know when owning a Vizsla as your very first dog.

5 Things to Know for First-Time Owners

Patience Is a Virtue

If you want to get a Vizsla as a first-time owner, you need to remember to be patient. This type of dog breed is slow in picking up new tricks and commands, especially when training them for an event or having fun. Be sure that when scolding them, do not raise your voice because they will get hurt emotionally and probably throw tantrums that you will not like. So if you are teaching them something new, positive reinforcements work well; telling them that they are doing great in a way that you’re showing them you’re proud of them.

Invest in Chewing Toys

This is not a new thing for every dog breed, but with Vizslas, this is one of the most important things. If you don’t want them biting your feet or clothes, invest in chewing toys which they will bite into to be occupied at all times. This will also help lessen the scratches and bite marks around your house, so buying enough chewing toys is necessary. You can also give them a small blanket that they will carry around because they want to do something every single second, so giving them an object to play with is helpful.

Exercise in Moderation

Vizslas are super energetic and fast runners because of their hunting and pointing skills. It may seem that they want to run and play all day but don’t overwork them. Walking on a short distance is okay even if done continuously, but if you bring them on a hike or a long run, make sure to stop once in a while to rest, drink water, or pee. They are like humans. They need to do things in moderation. Do not stick to one exercise or physical activity, change things up every week.

Have a Fixed Daily Routine

Another thing to know if you are a first-time dog owner planning to get a Vizsla dog breed is that having a fixed daily routine will help you and your dog be happy and organized. You can start by setting a wake-up time that is convenient for you, as the dog owner, and to your Vizsla as well. You can also make a schedule of your dog’s meals that are not too far or too close to each other to let them digest food better. Exercise at a certain time of the day, so your dog will know when you will go on a run or a walk and not randomly ask you to go out in the middle of the night.

Challenge Them Not Just Physically but Also Mentally

Vizslas are intelligent dogs. That’s why they are entered in dog competitions every time, so don’t waste their potential and teach them how to fetch things, do puzzles, and perform tricks. In this way, their physical and mental health is balanced, which is a good status to maintain.

Almost all dogs are good for first-time owners provided they have the means to take care of them. evEry dog breed has a distinguished caring style, especially Vizslas. But all in all, Vizslas are not just good but great for first-time owners!

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