Are Vizslas Good Family Dogs

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Vizslas have originated from Hungary to be pointers and retrievers. Aside from that, they were bred to be good companions. They are energetic and affectionate. Read on to know more about their behavior around the family and kids.

Otherwise Known as Velcro Dogs

Vizslas are popularly known as “Velcro” dogs because of their clingy behavior. They will always follow you and stay beside you.

When they were bred to be hunters, they also developed a strong desire to remain by their owner’s side. This behavior makes them affectionate and loving dogs. They do not want to be alone as they prefer physical contact with their families.

Vizsla’s Around Kids

The affection and loyalty of a Vizsla make them a good dog breed around kids. But parents should watch over their kids, especially younger ones, as they play and interact with a Vizsla. Vizslas can be very active and hyper that could be a little too much for toddlers. It would be best to teach your kids how to socialize and play with your Vizsla while maintaining supervision safely.

Vizslas love to play with people and kids. They will also tend to crawl on your or your kids’ lap. Vizsla is also a good companion for older kids who spend time outdoors. They can spend time together walking, running, or playing games and tricks.

Vizslas as a Family Dog

Vizslas’ affectionate and playful behavior makes them a good family dog. They want nothing more than physical affection from their owner and families, and they can be safe to play with kids as long as there’s parental supervision.

Things to Consider

Although they are very loving dogs, there are things to consider in adopting and taking care of them. The following are the factors to think about:

  1. Keep them Moving.

A Vizsla is an active breed of dog that requires daily exercise to prevent destructive behaviors. They are perfect for agility training, running, hiking, and other physical activities. It would be ideal if families that would adopt them were sporty and engaged in outdoor activities. A short-distance sprint is not enough for their daily requirements because they were bred to be active dogs.

  1. Be Aware of Their Activity.

Vizslas have high energy that may make them unaware of the environment when they are too playful. Younger kids might be thrown to the ground if a Vizsla jumps on them out of excitement. Parents should always watch over their young kids when interacting with Vizsla.

Or better yet, they can wait until their young kids grow a little before adopting a Vizsla. Vizslas would never intentionally hurt your kids; it’s just that older kids are better at keeping up with their high energy levels.

  1. Do Mental Exercises.

A Vizsla breed is intelligent. They love to be given mental stimulation to exercise their minds. It would be best if you also made training a requirement for them. They should have the chance to think and learn.

  1. Be Cautious to Avoid Accidents.

Because of their hyper behavior, they run and play, which makes them prone to injuries. Before adopting a Vizsla, consider the financial stress this could bring. There might be recurring expenses in veterinary checkups whenever they get hurt.


Vizslas are excellent family dogs for families with older kids. They are sweet and affectionate companions. But it would help if you also considered Vizsla’s need for exercise, mental stimulation, and attention.


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