Are Vizslas a Good Guard Dogs

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A lot of people nowadays mostly get dogs because they want a companion in the house. They want to feel like there is always someone that will be super excited when they go home. All of these characteristics can be found in a Vizsla dog breed. This is also why dog owners, seasoned or first-timers, get Vizslas. But the main question that we will talk about in this article is not their “Velcro” traits. We will answer the question of whether or not Vizslas are good guard dogs. Can they stay outside the house, shoo away first-time visitors or unknown people, and keep your home safe?

Are Vizslas Protective of Their Owner?

Yes. Vizslas are so protective of their owners. They will bark at people whenever they see or feel they see you getting crowded or even talking to an unknown person. It’s an instinct of dogs to guard their owners who show them love and compassion.

But, take Vizslas differently in their reason for protecting their owners. They will protect you not because of their instincts but their loyalty, attachment, and affection. We already know that Vizslas are super clingy, right? It is one of their characteristics that owners love, and because of that and their intelligence, they can be compared to a friend protecting their other friend.

Are Vizslas Protective of Property?

This depends on the type of Vizsla that a dog owner has because, just like humans, Vizslas are different in some way. But when it comes to property, Vizslas are not as protective of it as their family of humans. Yes, they will protect their owners at all costs. It’s because of their attachment and loyalty. But they will just let your house or your things be touched or taken away because they do not care as much. This is obvious as to when you go home. Your Vizsla will leave anything behind to snug their little body to your lap or in between your feet.

Are Vizsla Aggressive?

Generally speaking, they are not aggressive. They are one of the dog breeds blessed with congenial characteristics to their human family and other people. But because of their loyalty to their masters, they will be aggressive once they sense that their family is in danger if something or someone tries to hurt them. They have these dual personalities of being loving and caring. Still, once an unknown presence invades that area, they unleash their inner hunting dog personality right away.

Do Vizslas Make Good Guard Dogs?

If we’re talking about watching over the house when you’re gone and Vizslas protecting it from intruders and burglars, it’s a big no. Well, of course, they will bark at someone unknown to them, but here’s the part where their friendly and Velcro traits kick you in the face. Once they see the person, they usually wag their tails and be friends with them. This varies from one Vizsla dog to another. But this is the usual case among Vizslas owners in the world.

Things to Do With Your Vizsla Dog

It is advisable to get another guard dog when you still really want to get a Vizsla to love and take care of. So, what can you do with your Vizsla when t cannot be a guard dog or even a watchdog in your home?

  • Running companion. You can bring your dog to give you company when you want to run around the neighborhood. It is good for you and your Vizsla because it needs to exercise once a day.
  • Cuddle Buddy. Vizslas are known for their clingy and friendly attributes. Expect many cuddles to be received from your dog. It wants to show you how much love it has for you.

Whether you want a Vizsla dog to be your guard dog which is not recommended because they are too friendly, or you want a companion, this dog breed will make you happy and proud.


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