A Guide to Getting Your Vizsla Puppy

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Vizslas have an intense level of energy contagious to the owners, especially when playing outside or running around the block. This amazing trait is a general personality of a Vizsla.

It’s not 100% accurate because even dogs of the same breed vary because, like humans, they are different yet alike. This dog breed is known as the one bred by Ancient people and is proven by comparing their physical traits. It is so interesting to see that a dog breed has so much culture behind it.

Is Vizsla a Good First Dog?

Like any other dog owners and breeders, any dog is a good first dog, provided the commitment to raise it. If you run a lot, then getting a Vizsla as your first dog is a good choice. Vizslas are extremely smart and very energetic, so you should match each other’s personalities to get along.

To fully live with this dog breed, you must be active because Vizslas always needs to run and play. Beware if you have small kids in the house because the Vizslas’ hunting abilities can harm them if not attended.

How Do You Get a Vizsla Puppy?

You can get one after deciding whether a Vizsla puppy is the dog you want to own and take care of.

There are a lot of websites and groups online that post Vizsla puppies for sale, but please be cautious about it. If you are looking for a legitimate purebred Vizsla, you should check American Kennel Club for a list of verified breeders.

It would help if you were also wary about those online sellers who will make you pay downpayment without the security that you will get the puppy. You can either contact AKC or Hungarian Vizsla Club to verify a breeder you found online. You can meet downtown to make sure that your money will be worth it.

What Is the Average Cost of a Purebred Vizsla?

Purebred Vizslas are included in the most expensive medium-sized dogs in the world. They cost around 1,000 to 2,200 US dollars plus additional charges when flown to another state. Want to know why it’s this expensive? Well, it is because of their natural hunting instincts and capabilities.

They can be easily trained, and they are so energetic that they will make you smile and happy when you are sad. If it’s cheaper than the price I mentioned, it is either not a pure breed or a fake breed, and professional breeders can attest to that.

But if you are lucky enough to locate a Vizsla that is up for adoption, you can buy it for 300 US dollars or more, but there is no guaranty if it is purebred or not.

When Should I Start Training My Vizsla Puppy?

Veterinarians recommend that you start training your puppy early but with small tasks like walking around the house and standing. But before you even think about running with them on a long road or a hike, you need to make sure that they are at least twelve (12) to fourteen (14) months old because they need their bones to develop and get strong first.

Forcing a puppy to run after a month of adopting it might get it injured because of its weak bones. Please take care of them like a baby in their first year as a puppy. You should also include short-distance walking exercises to get their blood flowing and heart pumping.

What Supplies Do I Need for My Vizsla Puppy?

As this type of dog breed is so active and energetic, you need high-quality and sturdy supplies. First, you need a leash that is about 6 feet long when you want to walk it around the block and a very long leash (30 feet long) when you will train with your Vizsla because, like what I’ve been repeating in this article, they are wild and carefree so take note of that.

It would help if you also had some training bits and treats to get your instructions more willingly. I recommend hot dogs and bits of meat to have enough protein and strengthen their muscles and core.

Vizsla Puppy Tips

  • Train her to pee and poop outside the house or in a pad. House train them to wee or poo in their pads because when they get used to going outside, they will make loud noises at night to wake you up and bring them outside just pee and poop.
  • Be patient and understanding, especially in your first few months of having a Vizsla puppy, because they need to be trained slowly but surely.
  • Train them, feed them, and most of all, love them. Vizslas are overly affectionate puppies, so they need reassurance that you love them with all your heart.
  • Ensure that they eat clean most of the time to ensure that they are healthy. You can also give dog treats once in a while.

In conclusion, just like any other dog, Vizslas can be the right one for you or not, depending on your lifestyle, budget, and personality. Vizslas are like humans, and they require so much care and love, so you need to ensure that you have all the things it needs before buying one.

If you are still in doubt, take your time because owning a dog is not that easy.


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