5 Ways to Help Your Vizsla Cope During the Cold Weather

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Vizslas are dog breeds that cannot withstand cold weather. Now, that’s despite their strong, versatile, and active physique. Their beautiful single-coated brown fur makes their skins exposed to the atmosphere.

If you also notice, Vizslas have thin bodies. It prevents them from maintaining heat in their bodies. Thus, they have intolerance when the weather gets a little lower.

Sometimes, your Vizsla won’t mind the coldness. Because they’re naturally active, and they want to play. But you have to be wary and sensitive about how your dog feels. Vizslas exposure temperature lower than 5 degrees celsius may cause health concerns. Constantly exposing them may even result in severe problems.

Frostbite and hypothermia are among the complications that your Vizslas might experience. So don’t expose them to too much cold.

According to Puppy Mag, complications signs are as follows:

  • excessive trembling
  • weakness
  • dilated pupils
  • shallow breathing

So, make sure that you’re always aware of the changes in their movement, especially when you’re outside.

But don’t worry, there are already preventive measures that you can take. Protect your Vizslas from cold weather. Make sure you’re taking notes because here are the five ways to help your Vizslas cope:

Do Some Vigorous and Fun Exercise

Since Vizslas are known to be high-energy dogs. Keeping them indoors during winter or cold weather might cause anxiety. Thus, you have to ensure that your Vizslas can get enough exercise even with the icy season.

You can do some running and jog from time to time, as long as you don’t go far away from home. While doing these physical activities, you always have to check your dog. Watch for possible signs of cold or frostbite. Being conscious of the changes in their body helps you identify their needs and protect them more.

It would be best if you never remembered to gear your Vizsla against the freezing temperature. A simple but thick coat and paw wax or dog boots can already be a big help.

Get Your Vizsla a Heating Pads

Being indoors doesn’t mean your Vizsla is already well-protected against cold weather. Setting up heating pads in their usual spot or sleeping place can help ease their state. This tool will keep them warm and comfortable at night. Not just that, heating pads can also erase your worry and keep you at ease.

Yet, you must check if your pads are set up well, especially when you have an electric one. This step is to avoid possible complications. Meanwhile, various DIY videos will and can help you make your heating pads more personal.

Change Up Their Diet

During cold weather, altering the diet plan of your Vizslas can be a great help for them to cope. Knowing the nutrition intake and its benefit to your pet’s body will also make it easy for you. For instance, you can increase the calories and fats on your Vizsla diet. Having more calories in the body only means that there is more to burn.

According to Puppy Mag, Vizslas have to work harder during cold weather. Maintain ideal weight. It’s normal to slightly increase your Vizsla calories during the winter or cold seasons.

Ready the Jackets and More Blankets

Of course, staple fabric to keep anybody during a freezing temperature is also a must for the Vizslas. Coats for dogs are especially necessary for a Vizsla. It can be extra protection to their single-layer fur.

If your budget, you can invest in a high-quality waterproof winter coat. The extra thick feature of this kind of coat will provide more ease to your dogs. Through this clothing, you will also be able to bring your Vizsla on a long outdoor adventure like hiking.

You might also want to keep a thick blanket beside your dog, especially during bedtime. It is the best warmth-giver that Vizsla can cuddle and snuggle with at night.

Make Sure to Give Your Vizsla ‘Lukewarm’ Drinking Water

Some houses have a naturally cold and fresh atmosphere and ambiance even inside. So, there’s a tendency that the water temperature that you’ll give to your dog will be cold immediately. Thus, you must always give a lukewarm temperature of drinking water to your Vizsla. Lukewarm is in the middle of the warm and normal temp of tap water.

Giving them the right water warmth will keep the Vizsla’s body temperature on a certain level.


When you want your Vizsla to be well protected in the icy season, there are various things to consider. But being concerned and sensitive enough about your dogs’ welfare would be of great help.

Vizslas are a fun dog breed to be with; they are fun, energetic, and robust. But, during cold weather, they will need a little more care. So, make sure that you provide for them properly, especially when they seek warmth and comfort.


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