10 Best Dog Shoes For Hot Pavement – Heat Protection, Reviews, Guide & FAQs

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How hot is too hot for dogs? If your bare feet feel hot, then your pet feels hot also. One way to help your dog stay active and safe, even in hot climates, is by wearing the best dog shoes for hot pavement surfaces. Now, a hot pavement is not a good thing for a dog. Although they can move easily over rough surfaces like concrete, sand, and gravel, they can’t stand scorching surfaces. Your pet can suffer from severe burns on its paw pads and bare feet.

Also, small and sharp bits can cause scratches and punctures. If left untreated, burns, holes, and other conditions can become inflamed and infected. One way to help your dog stay active and safe, even in hot climates, is by wearing the best dog shoes for hot pavement surfaces. Let’s find out the top ten most popular dog shoes for hot pavement in our particular review.

Dogs and Hot Pavements

If you observe, your dog’s paw is made of soft paw pads, similar to the human palm but thicker and thus, more protective. These pads protect the feet from rough surfaces like stones, pebbles, sand, and concrete. These provide shock absorption and traction; a dog can run, jump and keep steady even on smooth and hard surfaces.

The metacarpal and the digital paw pads work like shock absorbers that protect the joints and the bones. The carpals act like brakes which help the dog move over steep and slippery surfaces. Also, paw pads come with a thick layer of fat, but this is not enough to protect him when walking over a hot or cold surface. The pads protect the dog’s feet at all times. Dogs that stay outside longer and those that take long walks develop thicker and stronger pads. Dogs that don’t go out more often or those that remain indoors have softer and more sensitive footpads.

Meanwhile, dogs that live in colder climates have more extensive and broader paws. These help them move over ice and snow better. Dogs that live in hotter or warmer temperatures also have thicker paws that allow them to walk and run safely over warm surfaces. So, the type of breed your dog is, using dog shoes for hot pavement will promote safety and prevent burns and severe injuries.

The Importance of Dog Shoes

Dog shoes for hot surfaces help protect your pet from burns. In warmer countries, hot pavement can reach a scorching 35 degrees or higher in the summer. A dog can easily burn its paws, leading to inflammation and infection if the condition is not treated right away.

If you did not know, walking on hot pavement can severely affect your pet’s health. He can easily suffer from dehydration and other dangerous conditions if he does not get help right away. With dog shoes for hot pavement, your pet can safely and efficiently walk over hot pavement, protect his feet from dirt, and punctures, and many more.

Dog Shoes Protect Your Dog’s Paws

Dog shoes offer the best protection against burns. These shoes have thick and durable soles that will shield the soft paws from extreme temperatures. These shoes also protect the feet and the metacarpals from injuries, especially dog shoes with high-cut designs.

More so, the type of material used matters a lot when selecting the ideal dog shoes. The material must also be effective in protecting the dog’s feet but should be light and comfortable enough to wear. Plus, the material should be easy to wash or maintain as your dog will likely use his shoes on all surfaces, including water, mud, dirt, sand, etc.

Dog Shoes Prevents Injuries

Aside from the hot pavement, dog shoes also protect the paws, paw pads, and other structures of the feet from various injuries, including punctures, cuts, and abrasions. Dogs can’t tell if they’ll run into thorns, wooden branches, sharp bits of rocks or wood, and more. Furthermore, a small thorn can puncture and cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

With dog shoes for hot pavement, your pet can move about safely with no worries for you as well. You can walk together through grass, at the beach, or in any woodland area without fear of any injury.

Dog Shoes Protect Treated Wounds

Another importance of dog booties is that they can be used to cover wounds, cuts, and burns. Wounds found along the foot or paws should be treated right away and should be covered with a bandage. Protect this type of wound using good quality hot pavement dog shoes.

Dog Shoes Keep Dirt Out of Your House

Dogs can bring all kinds of things when he comes back from his walk. Aside from mud, dirt, and rain, he can bring inside bacteria, pollen, fungi, and viruses which can cause illness. Dog shoes will avoid this, as you can take these off right before your pet enters the door. Also, indoor dog shoes can protect delicate furniture and flooring from scratches and marks brought about by your pet’s nails.

Finally, dogs can become stressed due to extreme heat. Wearing shoes during your walks can help him overcome stress. Find out more about stress in dogs here.

It is important to take care of your dog’s paws.

How Hot is Too Hot

Walking on scorching 52 °C asphalt, even for just a minute, can result in severe burns on your dog’s paws. In some countries, temperatures can soar up to 65 °C on the road with 35 °C air temperature that can already cause dehydration and stress. Moreover, if you let your pet stay longer without protection, he could suffer from severe injuries and even pass out from the heat!

The table below shows how hot pavement temperature could become and the corresponding air temperature. We often get outdoor temperature readings based on air temperature; however, the pavement/asphalt is hotter as it absorbs more heat. An air temperature of around 25 °C means that it’s already twice as hot on the pavement! So, do your pet a huge favor and make him wear a good set of comfortable dog shoes every time you take a walk.

Air temperature Asphalt temperature
25 °C / 77 °F 52 °C / 125 °F
31 °C / 87 °F 62 °C / 143 °F
35 °C / 95 °F 65 °C / 149 °F

Air temperature and asphalt temperature table.

Dog Shoes Buying Factors

Before you purchase a pair of dog shoes, you should consider important factors like comfort/fit, ease of use, the material used, and the design.

Comfort and Fit

Your dog’s feet should feel comfortable and secure, and the best way is to carefully measure your pet’s paws to get the correct fit. To do this, place your pet’s paw on a sheet of paper and draw around the paw with a pen or pencil.

Next, take a ruler or tape rule and measure the width of the paw and the length. Most dog shoes simply ask for the paw’s width and length. Refer to a sizing guide. If you can’t find the size that matches your dog’s feet, pick the next larger size.

Please take time to check your pet’s paw size. Poorly-fitting dog shoes for hot pavement can lead to pain and will only affect the way your dog walks and runs.

It’s important we take time to find the proper size for your dog’s shoes in order to avoid wasting money and making your dog uncomfortable.

Ease of Use

The best dog shoes must be easy to wear and remove. A good pair has Velcro straps which are easier to fasten and remove. Velcro straps don’t have moving parts and are easy to wash and maintain.

Some dog shoes are made of elastic material similar to socks and stockings. These are easier to wear and remove and will protect not just the paw but higher up to the metacarpals.


You must select a comfortable, easy-to-wash/maintain, and breathable material. A breathable material will keep the feet cool as it allows moisture and heat to evaporate. Your pet can wear his breathable dog shoes for hot pavement even for longer walks as these are very comfortable to use. Furthermore, breathable shoes will prevent unpleasant odor that often develops in very tight and poorly ventilated shoes.

Another thing to consider is a waterproof material, as this will keep your pet’s feet dry and comfortable. Moist feet can lead to fungal infections, which can be very itchy and uncomfortable for your pet.


Aside from comfort and material, dog shoes should also be fashionable with a good design. It must be fun and, at the same time, functional and wearable. Some dog shoes may look classy and fun but won’t do anything to protect your pet’s feet. Think of a stylish beaded dog shoe with felt soles. Definitely, it’s fun to pick out and buy pet clothing and shoes but always consider design as well as the type of material, ease of use, and size.

10 Best Dog Shoes For Hot Pavement

There are many awesome dog shoes for hot pavement. Protect your pet from burns, punctures, and cuts by choosing the best dog shoes from our top list.

  1. PK.ZTopia Dog Boots

The PK.ZTopia Dog Boots is the best dog shoe for hot pavement for a rugged dog. It has a safe and durable anti-slip sole that will help keep your pet steady and balanced even on smooth surfaces. These shoes come from the best quality materials that are strong and breathable. It will protect your dog’s feet from the hot pavement, sharp thorns, and rough gravel. The PK.ZTopia Dog Boots are comfortable to wear and are easy to slip on and remove. It comes with two Velcro fasteners to keep in place as your pet moves. The fabric material is soft and waterproof to keep your pet’s feet dry in the rain or snow. It’s for dogs who love to go out for long walks.

  • General Design – breathable, waterproof, and comfortable
  • Sizes Options – 2 to 8
  • Material – tough quality, breathable fabric, Velcro fasteners
  • Special features – breathable, water-resistant, and easy to use and remove


  • Breathable shoes that are comfortable to wear
  • Waterproof – will protect the feet from the rain and mud
  • Quality materials
  • Non-slip – keeps dogs steady


  • Only one design available
  • Not enough colors to choose from
  1. Accept Dog Shoe Pet Booties

Accept Dog Boots are perfect for dogs with large feet. It is very durable and is perfect for dogs who love to go on long hikes and walks. It is waterproof, made from solid four-sided fabric that stretches according to your pet’s paw. This dog shoe for hot pavement has a non-slip rubberized sole that keeps your pet safe over smooth surfaces, sandy areas, hot pavements, and sharp thorns. Durable Velcro straps keep these booties in place. A 3M reflective strip is on every shoe to keep your pet visible even during nighttime.

  • General Design – with thick, rubberized sole, Velcro straps with reflectorized strips.
  • Sizes Options – 1 to 8
  • Material – waterproof and stretchable material, Velcro strips
  • Special features – 3M reflectorized straps, non-slip sole, waterproof.


  • Very thick sole to keep feet protected from punctures and hot pavements
  • Keeps dogs safe at night
  • Non-slip and waterproof
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • Not too easy to use
  • Only a few colors to choose from
  1. QUMY Dog Boots Shoes for Large Dogs

The QUMY Dog Boots are among the best dog shoes for hot pavement products and are designed for large dogs; however, smaller sizes are meant for small to medium-sized pups. This is made from very high-quality materials, fabrics that won’t easily lose shape or rip. These are very comfortable, won’t be too tight for your pet. The material is also breathable and soft and will stay comfortable even when worn for a long time.

These dog shoes for hot pavement are also very convenient as they keep paws warm, clean, and dry. Your pet can walk or run on hot pavements, cold streets of mud. Find out how cold is too cold for your dog in this helpful link. QUMY Dog Boots are also adjustable and easy to clean. You’ll also find these dog shoes easier to wear than other dog shoes as these come with a wide seam and reflective straps. These straps will be visible when your pet uses these shoes at night.

  • General Design – black, adjustable with reflective straps
  • Sizes Options – 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8
  • Material – quality fabric with rubber soles
  • Special features – skid-resistant, soft, breathable, adjustable, and easy to clean


  • Adjustable and easy to wear
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to see your dog even at nighttime
  • Non-slip
  • Breathable and comfortable on feet


  • Sizing problems
  • Limited color and style options

Small dogs are naturally meant to be lap-dogs, which means that they should not be taking long walks.

  1. Dimicoo Breathable Mesh Dog Boots

The Dimicoo Breathable Mesh Dog Boots is made from a dual mesh fabric that makes it breathable, stretchable, and versatile for all dog types. It has a wavy design making it stand out from other dog shoes. It is slip-resistant, and thus, it will keep your pet stable and safe even on smooth or wet surfaces. These dog shoes for hot pavement are comfortable to wear even for long walks and hikes. The rubber sole also keeps your pet safe from rough pavements, roots, thorns, and hot pavements. The reflective stripes help keep your pet visible and safe even on dimly lit roads. Just make sure to double-check your pet’s size before you order to ensure you’re getting the best-fitting shoes.

  • General Design – stretchable, rubber sole, elastic straps
  • Sizes Options – S, M, L, XL, and XXL
  • Material – dual mesh material, rubber sole
  • Special features – stretchable, durable, slip-resistant, elastic straps


  • Made from stretchable fabric
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear
  • With slip-resistant soles


  • Problems with sizing – always check your pet’s paw size before ordering
  • Not enough colors to choose from
  1. YAODHAOD Anti-Slip Dog Shoes

The YAODHAOD dog boots are a kind as it is made of soft yet durable Oxford fabric. It has a soft and comfortable lining designed to take care of your pet’s claws. These come with flexible soles made from soft granules. It has anti-slip properties that improve traction to keep your pet safe and secure as he walks; however, it is not for long hikes. These are the easiest to wear but are not easy to fall off. The lock is an adjustable tape that won’t easily open even if your pet is walking or moving. These hot pavement dog shoes are easy to wash and maintain and are recommended as indoor shoe.

  • General Design – made from soft Oxford with a protective lining
  • Sizes Options – 3 sizes available
  • Material – Oxford material, polyester, cotton, and adjustable tape
  • Special features –available in different colors, machine washable, adjustable, reflective strip,


  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Will keep your pet safe at night
  • Adjustable, easy to wear
  • Good indoor shoes


  • Not for long walks
  • Too soft to use on hard pavement and tracks
  • Too soft for large dogs
  1. Kurgo Winter Boots for Dogs

Kurgo Winter Boots are designed for dogs who love to walk, hike, run and play. It looks and feels like real running shoes and is made from water-resistant and ripstop leather with a very durable and sturdy rubberized sole. You’ll get your money’s worth with Kurgo’s lifetime warranty, a sign that the company holds a strong guarantee over their products. These shoes work in any kind of weather, winter or summer, and can be worn in hot, dry, icy, or slippery road conditions. These are water-resistant and will protect your pet’s feet during rain or on muddy roads. If you’re unsure as to what type of shoes your dog needs, then these Kurgo dog shoes for hot pavement is the best choice for you. Find out what you can do about dog dehydration in this link.

  • General Design – looks like real walking or running shoes, reflective material, lightweight design.
  • Sizes Options – XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large
  • Material – water-resistant ripstop leather uppers, rubberized sole
  • Special features – reflective, lightweight, breathable, water-resistant, all-season shoes


  • Water-resistant shoes
  • For very active dogs
  • With a sturdy, non-slip sole
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lets you see your dog at night
  • Made from very strong materials


  • Not enough sizes to select from
  • Not enough colors to choose from
  1. Accept Breathable Pet Dogs Shoe

Accept Breathable Pet Dogs Shoe is designed for small to medium-sized dogs. It has a TPR rubber outsole and a reflective strap that lets you see your pet even at night or in dimly lit surroundings. Available in different colors, these dogs shoe is also made from a nine-hole net material that keeps your pet’s feet comfortable and moisture-free. These shoes for hot pavement are stylish, non-slip, warm, and have a waterproof surface. It is also meant for dogs who want to exercise, train, walk and run. These are all-occasion shoes that are easy to wear and remove; they will stay put even as your pet moves because of their zippered opening and Velcro strap.

  • General Design – stylish dog shoes with a zippered opening and single strap
  • Sizes Options – 1,2 and 3
  • Material – TPR rubber, nine-hole net fabric, rubber sole, Velcro strap
  • Special features –available in different colors, reflective strap, breathable, comfortable and has a cool pattern.


  • Comfortable and warm
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Secure on the feet, non-slip
  • With reflectorized straps
  • Waterproof


  • Only for small to medium-sized dogs
  • Not enough sizes to choose from
  • Sizing problems
  1. Ultra Paws Light Duty Water-Resistant Dog Boots

The Ultra Paws Light Duty Dog Boots are ideal for indoor and light activities like running and playtime. Also, this comes with a patented design made from very durable but breathable materials. Inside has foam that keeps your pet’s feet comfortable even during long walks. Additionally, these dog shoes for hot pavement have a non-slip surface and can also be used to keep your pet from licking wounds or cuts located on his foot. It is for urban walking and not for long country road hikes.

  • General Design – patented design with soft material, durable and comfortable lining
  • Sizes Options – size 0 to 12
  • Material – made from a durable and breathable material, Velcro straps
  • Special features – light duty shoes only, swimming shoes, therapeutic shoes, indoor shoes


  • Comfortable to wear, soft to touch
  • With secure Velcro straps
  • Can be used indoors
  • Can be used to prevent dogs from licking and biting foot wounds


  • Too soft for outdoor use
  • Only for small to medium-sized pets
  1. Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector

The Bark Brite lightweight paw protector doggie boots are made from high-quality neoprene. Moreover, these hot pavement dog shoes are perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities such as walking, exercise, outings, jogging, and playtime at the park. Your pet can move about even in hot pavements without worrying about burns with these dog shoes for summer time. These boots are also great indoors as it protects your floor and furniture from damage due to scratching. Now, if your dog has a leg or foot injury, these neoprene paw protectors will keep your pet from licking his wounds.

These dog shoes for hot pavement have two elastic reflectors on the straps. These will make it easier to see your pet at night. These dog shoes for hot pavement are easy to wear and take off thanks to a 3-inch slit on the sides. It’s never a fuss to wear. The sole came from solid rubber that protects your pet from punctures, dirt, sand, and other sharp objects. These hot pavement dog shoes for hot pavement are available in five sizes and are available in different sizes.

  • Overall Design – blue or black neoprene with two reflective straps
  • Size Options – small, medium, large, XL, and XXL
  • Material – neoprene, rubber sole
  • Special features – will conform to paw shape, with two elastic reflective straps, comfortable, puncture-proof, easy to wear and remove


  • Waterproof
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Can be used to keep a dog from licking his wound on the foot
  • Will keep feet clean
  • Breathable and comfortable


  • Only a few sizes available
  • Complaints that it’s not easy to clean
  1. XSY&G Dog Boots

The XSY&G Dog Boots is a set of waterproof dog shoes that are very easy to wear. It has small, medium, and large dog designs with different sizes available. These dog shoes for hot pavement are cute but are made of the best quality materials that won’t easily wear and tear. These dog booties are easy to care for and washable. It is durable with a thick anti-slip sole that keeps your dog safe as he moves over slippery surfaces. The anti-slip surface also assists the dog in moving and staying stable on sand and tile.

These dog shoes for hot pavement are breathable and may be used indoors or outdoors, in cold, wet, dry, or hot conditions. These are easily put on and taken off. Instead of one strap, this set has two straps, so there won’t come off even when your pet runs or jumps. There are reflective lines that will keep your pet safe at night or in dimly lit environments. Thus, keeping your pet safe, especially during the night time is another importance of dog booties.

  • General Design – black with two straps
  • Sizes Options – size 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
  • Material – made from very high-quality fabric with non-skid soles
  • Special features – with two straps to prevent slipping and unwanted movements, breathable and adjustable


  • Made from strong, high-quality materials
  • Adjustable and non-slip
  • Very durable, can be used every day
  • Available in many sizes


  • No other color available
  • Problems with sizing – make sure to measure your pet’s paw carefully
  1. RUFFWEAR, Grip Trex Outdoor Dog Boots

RUFFWEAR is indeed for rough wear. If your dog loves backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, trail running, and other adventures, then the RUFFWEAR Grip Tex Outdoor Dog Boots is the best choice. It is made from very durable yet breathable mesh material with Vibram. Underneath are non-marking outsoles for added traction, which will help your pet walk or run on rough surfaces. The RUFFWEAR dog shoes for hot pavement also come with a reflective trim so you can see your pet even in low lighting or in the dark. It’s also a stylish set and comes in many sizes and three different colors.

  • General Design – with the rugged outsole, breathable, great for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Sizes Options – 8 sizes
  • Material – Vibram outsoles, reflective trim
  • Special features – rugged outsoles, breathable mesh fabric material, reflectorized trim


  • Very durable, ideal for dogs who love the outdoors
  • Will keep your pet safe at night
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • With a stylish design


  • Not enough sizes available
  • Sizing problems – make sure to carefully measure your pet’s paws first

Dog Shoes For Hot Pavement – FAQs

More questions? Take a look at our handy FAQ section.

How do I clean dog shoes?

According to Essential Paws, you need to clean your dog’s shoes every after use to keep these in tip-top shape. Dog shoes can get smelly if they are not cleaned right away. Now, a smell can develop due to bacteria build-up.
To efficiently clean dog shoes, start by completely drying them if they are wet. Next, check if these are machine washable and for special care instructions before you proceed.

If these can be washed by hand, use good quality anti-bacterial soap. Soak these according to the product instructions. After a few minutes, get a soft brush and remove dirt or grime. Check the spikes or grooves on the soles as this is where dirt, small stones, sand, and grass are stuck. Rinse these with clean water and hang them under the sun to dry. Then, you may also use a hairdryer in a low setting to completely dry the shoes’ insides.

Is it good for dogs to wear shoes?

Some dog owners say that dogs don’t need hot pavement dog shoes and can only affect a dog’s balance and natural movements. However, many pet owners want to protect their dogs by wearing durable, comfortable, and good-quality shoes.

Some say dog shoes are unnatural, but when a dog wears them early, they will grow accustomed to them and find it easy to move, run, walk, play, and exercise with it. Dogs can even wear shoes indoors as well as outdoors.

Aside from dog shoes, what can I use to keep my dog’s paws unharmed during walks?

Aside from dog shoes for hot pavement, you may also use a product called paw wax. This is designed to provide a layer of protection by keeping the paw soft and smooth, plus these can cool the dog’s paws. Paw wax is available in pet supplies stores online.

Another way to protect your pet’s paws is by walking only when the pavement is not too hot. Walk on soft grass instead of walking on hot pavement or surface. Always check the air temperature and use our table to find out the asphalt or pavement temperature before heading out. Finally, toughen up your pet’s paws by letting it walk on cool pavement.

Will paw wounds heal on their own?

Dog injuries like a painful, swollen, or injured paw will heal naturally on their own. According to Shallowford Animal Hospital’s site, pet owners can help speed up the process by helping their dogs.

They must ensure that the wound is clean and apply medicine to the wound according to the vet’s recommendations. Change bandages regularly and use flexible, comfortable dog shoes to stop your pet from biting the wound. Consult a vet to get the best medical advice.

Do dogs also need boots for cold pavement?

According to VCA Hospitals, aside from hot temperatures, a dog is also susceptible to freezing temperatures, but this may depend on a dog’s tolerance to the cold. Unlike hot temperatures, some dogs are capable of handling cold temperatures or snowy conditions. One such example of a cold temperature dog is a Husky.

If you live in a country or region where it’s colder, but your dog moves at a faster pace, then they won’t need boots. However, if you plan to take your dog out for a long cold walk, he should wear winter dog boots.

Hot pavement and dogs don’t mix. The best dog shoes for hot pavement will protect your pet’s feet against burns, cuts, punctures, and wounds and will keep them clean. At the top of these, it will also protect your home and delicate furniture. So, always choose the best quality dog shoes for hot pavement for your pet and keep him safe and secure during your walks and other outdoor activities. Your little one will thank you for it.


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